Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Um, People . . . It's DECEMBER, and We're in MOSCOW

A funny thing is happening on the Interwebz since the temperature here dropped to some seriously cold levels.

All of the expats in Moscow are posting about how cold it is where they are.

"My thermometer says -22C!"

"Forecast is -17C for tomorrow!"

"Hey! It's cold out!"

"Did you see how cold it is?"

We've even started commenting on how much we are all commenting. And we're arguing about the validity of the wind chill factor like we're the love children of Al Roker and Yukon Cornelius or something.

Frankly, it has only been this cold once before since I've been here. Last winter was sort of a yawn. I mean, if you're going to live in Moscow, you want a real Russian winter, right? Everyone said, "Oh, it will be cold, but the sun will shine and the skies will be blue!"

I had forgotten what blue skies look like. It still gets dark around 3:30, it seems. But at least it's bright out until then.

The sun at such a low angle combined with the condensation created by anything warm makes the city look very pale and almost delicate.

Add to that the frost on the windows. Thankfully, we have double everything, so the frost is on the outside layer of windows, not inside. And it is very pretty.

For the record, it was -23C/-10F on the way to school this morning according to the sign outside the Metro. 

Here is a view from the girls' room. The view is hazy because the window is frosted, not because of the glare from the sun (the window faces west, and this was before noon).

Makes the girls' room actually look nice.

Don't tell them, but I broke down and did a little cleaning in there today. I usually maintain a strict Hands Off! policy. But it had really reached a new low. And, in fairness, they have little time to do much about it before we get on the plane on Saturday.

Oh, and I know I suggested in a previous post that The Spouse may have to take a detour through Sweden before joining us at the Dacha, but as of this morning it appeared that no delay in his travel plans would be necessary.

Assuming the Doctor approves.

He went to London on Sunday and returned back home at 3:00 this morning. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but the fact he is now taking blood thinners should mean his risk of any problem is actually lower now.

Still. I'm glad the trip to Sweden seems to be off. Two round trip flights and a long-haul to the US all within one week feels like playing with fire.

He has a lung scan scheduled for tomorrow. So fingers crossed and all that. I'll keep you posted on our travel plans.


katbat said...

I sure hope your travel plans work out - We leave tomorrow and Leo is hitching a ride with santa on the 24th. I remember last year we had snow in seattle before Moscow saw any! Natasha and I have been going out and it is cold, but bearable, and the sun sure makes it worth venturing out! Now, off to Portland tomorrow where the forecast is for 50F all week!

Hater Von G said...

I hope everything works out and his lung scan goes well. :)

And DAMN. I'm from NY, so I always thought that it was cold there during the winter months... Good LORD Russia!

Tina in CT said...

I have new Lands End snow boots all set by my suitcases, my fur ear muffs, wide fleece headband, extra warm leather mittens and my Cinderella blue fat, puffy down coat so I am prepared.

It's going to be in the mid to high 40's here in CT today but it's overcast. The temp is dropping tonight and cold is coming but only down to the 30's during the day.

Glad that all went well with your husband's flight to London.

MoscowMom said...

Hey... I bet you'll get on the plane my mom gets off of...!

Yeah, I'm one of those dorks who posted about the cold...

MoscowMom said...

Let us know as soon as you find out about the lung scan!!!!

MoscowMom said...

My "word verication" for that last post was "semankfu." Maybe it's just late and I'm slap-happy, but really, people. Come on...

Jen said...

So glad The Spouse is on the mend!!

Jon D. Ayres said...

I'm one expat who thinks its funny how so many have posted about it being cold, this is a warm winter really. It does not get cold here really until Jan. and Feb. This is nothing and I come from South Georgia next to Florida, I guess I've been here so long, that Russian winters are no big deal for me any more.

mepsipax said...

Everyone always complains about the cold. Because it sucks. Would love to go to Moscow. In. the. summer.