Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food Is Love

I was the recipient of an EXCELLENT good deed today. See, the Festive-Spirit-Peace-On-Earth-Good-Will-To-Men thang has reached even here in Moscow where it is already dark as I type at 3:22 in the p.m.

The Spouse has been in the hospital, lo these many days. But fret not! He is due to be sprung later today. In fact, as soon as I post this, I'm going over to the hospital to hang out with him. For. The. Last. Time.


And Yay! for the Interwebz, which is how I met Fellow-Blogger-in-Mockba-Girlfriend. The other day Fellow-Blogger-in-Mockba-Girlfriend told me she was cookin' up a mess o' marinara sauce and would be sending some my way.

Today was the day.

She called me this morning to say she was going to have someone bring it over to me and was now alright?

Are you kidding me? Homemade spaghetti sauce delivered to my door? You betcha now is alright.

And, sure 'nuf, about 20 minutes later the Delivery Dude called to say he was out front, so I scampered down to the street to be handed the MOST HEAVIEST GROCERY BAG EVER.

There was, like, a GALLON of sauce in there.

Mmmmmm. Sauce.

I was thinking, "Gee, I'm down to a crust of Parmesan cheese . . . I'll have to duck into the grocery store on my way to pick up Skittles from school."

(As you may recall, while Baboo is Quarantined for Strep, Skittles is still forced to attend school. It's been like that scene in Madeline when all the little girls cry, "Boo! Hoo! WE want to have our appendix out, too!")

But I digress.

Do you know what Girlfriend did?

Girlfriend included a wedge of  Parmesan cheese in the Care Package!


Do you have any idea how expensive Parmesan is here?

Sauce, cheese, and even a bag o' pasta! Girlfriend is THE BEST!

This is not just dinner. This is love.

I will pay it forward. I promise.


Jon D. Ayres said...

This is how Russians are and one of the reasons I love it here and have been here so long. They are always willing to help out and do that little extra to help make ones life a joy.

Jon D. Ayres said...

Maybe it was not a Russian friend that helped you with a wonderful meal, but many Russians are like this too. Sorry if I misread your post. I just saw where you said fellow blogger.

Tina in CT said...

When she went to school in France for a month during her junior year of high school, she discovered fine cheese. I think she was a regular to the cheese shop in the town and even took a picture inside the shop. Fine cheese is a necessity for her.

I heard about the sauce she was making you and know that you and your family will love it. She's a real gourmet Italian cuisine cook.


Jon Ayres: It was not a Russian that sent over the food but an American from CT. - Her mother

The Expatresse said...

We're pretty big cheese lovers, too, here Chez Beet.

Dinner was goooooooood.

valentina said...

Well aren't you lucky! Sauce AND Parm! And having Da home too! I hope Baboo is well enough to eat pasta and Parm? It gets dark here at 5... and is bleak and windy, blustery... Dec is rushing right along... So I am happy to know that you will all be coming home for Xmas! xov