Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are You Ready, Kids?

Yesterday it was smells.

Today, I wax lyric about sounds.

My brother and I were discussing how, even here in idyllic Ancestral Village, one can hear, ever so slightly, in the distance, the whooshing of I-70. But it is so subtle and far away, that it's a very soothing sound.

Unlike Moscow's Garden Ring which is only a tinch quieter than the runway at O'Hare. I try to tell myself it sounds like the ocean, but I'm lying and I know it.

Here at the Summer Dacha we continue to be entertained by the Hawk Family. Last night there was a great commotion on the front lawn. We all ran to the door to see if Young Hawk had got himself a squirrel, but it seemed it was just Young Hawk strolling around on the grass. Still. It was pretty cool. L-Ro says they are "sharp-shinned hawks."

Less pleasant is the sparrows who sit outside my open bedroom window at the ass-crack of dawn going chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip until I want to put a gun in my mouth. This is not the charming chip-chip of the State Bird.

And the neighbor. This is the Odd Guy who lives just south of the dacha, not Troy-the-Neighbor (who, in a heart-breaking act of neighbor-ly betrayal, has purchased a house . . . wait for it . . . a few streets north). Yes, today is a workday, but who in their right mind fires up their lawn mower at 7:23 in the morning? Given that it is 21C, it's not like he's trying to avoid the heat of the day. It has been suggested that I invest in a super-soaker.

Final thoughts on lovely summer sounds: the roar of the crowd. America's Pastime. I had a Teachable Moment last night trying to explain baseball to my kids. Have you ever tried explaining baseball to, say, a foreigner who has never watched or played the game? Not so easy. I especially like trying to explain a "no hitter" or the idea that when baseball is being played at an exceptionally high level, it is really exciting when it appears absolutely nothing is happening.

Not sound-related, but worth noting: the New-2-U shop at Main and Montrose has just put up a sign announcing the Summer Clearance Sale. I think the proper name for the place is Judy's. It is all very upscale and fun stuff, and even when she's not having a sale, prices are extremely reasonable. Last summer I scored a nice Michael Kors blouse for something like $6. Last week I bought a Kate Spade purse for $10. Maybe it's a fake Kate Spade, but $10 is what purses should cost. If you're in the area, go check it out. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

In closing, as the theme song for SpongeBob wafts through the dacha, I solicit your opinions. Is it wrong to use my Ped Egg as a zester?

"Aye, aye, Captain!"


TRex said...

We have some sort of face sucking vampire sack of skin frog that sounds like strangled kittens in a blender. Nasty? You betcha!

But I don't hear the electric train anymore.

valentina said...

It is very quiet hear. I the really far off distance you can hear the highway but just barely. There is a train that passes on occasion which I sort of like...Lots of various birds but none that are pesky...I have AC so the windows are always closed and the outdoor sounds are only loud on the patio or going to and fro the mailbox or walking around the garden.
Right now I hear a robin outdoors. When Valentina hears something chirp she puts her front paws up on the window and makes the kitty cat death rattle squeal. It is pretty amusing... Fortunately no horrible neighbors with lawn mowers. And don't you have a noise ordinance that says they can't mow before 8am?
Hell, that is just plain uncivilized! xov

Tina in CT said...

Our neighborhood is lucky as there aren't any morons starting their lawn mowers at 7:23 AM. One doesn't hear a mower until around 9:00 on a Sat. or Sun.

I have dumb sparrows or something that have built nests on the two second floor A/Cs. My neighbor used my tall ladder several weeks ago and got rid of the nest right over the A/C outside my back window in my bedroom. Well, I think she came back. I just saw a mother bird sitting on her next on the A/C outside Tamara's back bedroom window.

Oh, I hear the birds chirpping at 5:00 AM but want to shoot them and not myself. I go put the A/C fan on to drown them out.

Is the hawk family living in your yard? For all I care, they could come here and get the moles and squirrels but not the bunnies.

Tamara and the girls arrive to my dirty house on Fri. Because of my shingles, I can't be the white tornado going through it.

Anonymous said...

The birds outside my Seattle WA window get started at 4AM. No lie. It's not even light out yet and they start greeting the day an hour & 40 minutes before my alarm. And that's, just wrong...


Anonymous said...

I have an opposite problem with my birds - they scold me for making any loud noises between sunset and sunrise. We have wild turkeys sleeping in the tall trees in our backyard. They are very organized birds, the fly up high into the trees just before the sun sets and come down just after the sun rises. So, if we come home late and slam the car door they start gobbling very angrily - "it is a night time be quite". The same happens in the morning, if I come out with my coffee from the back door and forget to hold it and it slams, they start gobbling angrily - "It is too early to be up, be quite".

The Expatresse said...

The hawks live across the street in an old squirrel nest.

Don't worry about your house, Tina. You should see mine. And I don't have shingles, so I have no excuse.

Tina in CT said...

My daughter emailed and suggested we get Merry Maids as she's not up to it either.

I did not want it dirty as I do a super cleaning before they come each time so she doesn't think her mother is losing her marbles.

While she was growing up, I was a Mrs. Clean and you could eat off my floors. Now you don't want to go barefoot. At least the dachshund that I have now doesn't pee in the hallway like my last one did.

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahaha! If you use your Ped Egg as a zester, I demand pictures.

Anonymous said...

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