Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ahhh! Summer in Ohio.

Skittles, recovering from the shock of learning what puberty really entails, is outside playing with some new-found friends. Nothing like the joyful noises of kids on a grassy lawn in the summer at dusk. At least until someone looses an eye.

There are cardinals chip-chip-ing in the backyard. And the sound of the dryer. I washed some towels this afternoon, and forgetting that a load does not take eight hours, left them to sit. Ooops. They passed the sniff test when I finally put them into the dryer, so hopefully crisis averted.

I took the girls to Rubino's, a local pizza place that has been an institution in the neighborhood since 1954. Baboo was underwhelmed since they do not offer ham as a topping.

"What kind of pizza place doesn't have ham?" she asked.

"But they have this incredible thin crust," I countered. "It's unusual . . . like matzo!"

"I like thick crust," she said.

Then, the non-carbonated beverage options were limited to Hawaiian Punch. She had never tasted Hawaiian Punch.

"It tastes weird," she told us.

Skittles and I both tasted it. It tasted like Fruit Juicy Red Hawaiian Punch to me. 

"It's okay," Skittles said.

Baboo continued to be cranky and pubescent. 

Fine. I spent many happy hours being cranky and pubescent in Rubino's in the mid-1970s. Next time she can just stay home.

"I'll go next door to Pizza Plus," she offered. 


So when we got home, I put some air in my bike tires and went for a little ride. Only five miles since it was, once again, dusk. And I'm getting over a cold.

But it felt so goooooood. 

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to try my regular 20 mile route. 

Even if it kills me.


valentina said...

And to think Skittles is the one who had the big talk and not even Baboo!

Tell her in Italy they do NOT have ham on pizza. Tell her in the US we have pepperoni on pizza!

And Hawaiian Punch is an institution too, albeit red dye # whatever...The price of being American Girls!

Anyhow they can learn to adjust or just eat frozen ones from Krogers...They can learn to take them out of the wrapper and put them in the oven all by themselves and show them the boxes of Chef Boyardee pizzas that we used to make as kids! Meanwhile you can eat at Rubinos with the other adults!

It sounds like your bike will be your major link to sanity. Just remember to take your cell with you in case you get lost!

Tomorrow the Austrians, and 5 others and I will all have pizza around my garden table under the big oak tree by tiki torch light! It will be lovely and the real sendoff as they return to NYC on SAT am and then home to Austria a few days later. So all I have to do is make a huge salad and another dessert as I have one pie left from the big 4th of July barbque.

There is still plenty of booze in the garage fridge which along with the kitchen one has been cleaned immaculately by my angel Cecilia who came to do her laundry while she cleaned them and earned some extra $. They were both full of sticky stuff. One had a melted popsicle mess and one a jar of pomegranate molasses had leaked down the back wall and pooled in the veggie bin.
Extra sticky yuck...

This is the only time I don't mind having my knees be so bad --it gives me an excuse to have her help with the housekeeping!

So summer is hastening on. Next weekend Mimi and I will go to GA to see my dad et al... Four days of trauma going and coming...ugh...And fortunately we are flying !!

After that I hope we can get together... Enjoy your laundry fests!! xov

Tina in CT said...

I ageee that here in the US it's pepperoni but I have to admit that I like Hawaiian pizza w/ham or bacon & pineapple.

Red Hawaiian punch - had a lot of that as a kid. Now I think I'd rather go thirsty.

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