Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the Earth to the Stars, Moscow Rises

Moscow celebrates its 862th birthday this weekend. There are explanations of "City Day" events here and here. With more than 550 events taking place around town, there is plenty to do. (Waiter races anyone?)

Since there are great posters for this all around town now, I took a lot of pictures this week. Translations appear below each photo. The Spouse helped me.

Moscow. Beloved!

Happy Holiday, Beloved City!

Hey! What's this doing here?

In Russian, G-Force becomes Darwin's Mission. The text at the top of the poster reads "Furry and Ruthless." Sort of like Baboo.

Back to City Day posters.

Happy Birthday, Moscow!

Happy City Day!
(Literally, it's sort of weird . . . it doesn't really make sense if you translate it word for word.)

The little quote on the upper left says
From the earth to the stars, Moscow rises!

The text in the red ribbon says
Happy Birthday, Moscow!

My Dear Capital,
My Golden Moscow!

The only thing we have planned for the weekend is a tour of the Moscow film industry Saturday morning (promises to have lots of sets and costumes from classic Russian movies) and a dinner with friends that night. After a busy first week of school, I, for one, intend to cocoon on Sunday.