Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moscow Does Not Believe in Washer/Dryer Combos

I opened my email this morning to find this from Other Landlord (they are a couple . . .):

I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Man Friday as soon as I learned about the washing machine problems, gave him money, and instructed him to replace the old one with a similar one which both washes and dries. (Believe me, we know how important the drying function is!) Man Friday was under the impression that the machine he purchased did, indeed, included the drying function. In any case, I just spoke to him to find out what happened. . .

We really are sorry for the inconvenience and want to let you know that we are not trying to make your lives difficult. You have been great tenants and very understanding. Thanks.

It is all complicated because only The Spouse has ever even seen the landlords. They are not Russians, and now live and work in Far East Asia (which is why they tapped Man Friday to help us when we need it . . . and he has always been very helpful). The total of my correspondence with them began yesterday. I have never needed to contact them for anything before. I do think they consider us good tenants (we have not approached them about reducing our rent the way so many other expats have been doing in the last six months . . . but, conversely, most Russian landlords were raising rents willy-nilly with no regard for contracts before the economic crisis).

According to Man Friday, the description on the shop's website of the machine he purchased said that it was a washer/dryer combo.

When he called the store, ironically named El Dorado, they said, "Oh. Yeah. That's wrong."

They also said, "Oh, that machine you bought from us? It may have had a mechanical error."

Man Friday will no longer be shopping at El Dorado.

Now, The Spouse, ever the cynic, looked at the El Dorado website and says that he does not see any Whirlpool AWG 530 models masquerading as washer/dryer combos there.

Maybe they hopped right on that and corrected the error. As well as recalling all their products with "mechanical errors."

Drums fingers on desk top.

In the meantime, The Spouse heard from Man Friday. Other Landlord is arriving in Moscow tonight (they are in town for business from time to time), and will apparently select and bless the new washer/dryer personally.


Tina in CT said...

Let's hope a new combo is delivered today and that you'll be spending the day loading and unloading it.

katbat said...

yippee! keeping my fingers crossed for you!

valentina said...

Oh Hooray for having a Western Landlord who appreciates the importance of a Combo!! ( I do not mean that to sound culturally suprematist, only realistic!)And who does recognize what fabulous tenants you are! And hopefully it will be installed today, but at least on Monday. A weekend's more laundry piling up...Alas...

Hopefully your girls have learned that they can wear something more than once if it isn't spotty! And do point out to them that "wash wear" breaks down clothing and that many of their favorite things are on their way to their demise... Of course they probably will out grow them first... But it is good for them to know...

Anyhow I hope it is resolved VERY SOON and SATISFACTORILY! This has been a very long slog through the canyon of dirty laundry! xov

Anonymous said...

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