Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Happiest Sound in the World

Is it a child's laughter?

The roar of the home crowd on Opening Day?

The soft murmurings of a lover in your ear?

NO! It's the spin cycle of the INDESIT WIDXL 86!

Look, look! Here it is . . . WASHING OUR CLOTHES!

The Whirlpool AWG 530 sits alone in the hall . . . banished and ashamed.

No one wants it and it's lousy 5 kg capacity.

The shop will come sometime tomorrow to collect it.

Look what it did to my floor! Just look. The parquet is all warped.

This morning, Man Friday told me his friend/colleague/lover?, Igor, would be back this afternoon to accept delivery. I handed Man Friday a gift bag with a small bottle of Russki Standart Platinum and some fancy chocolates. He demurred. I insisted.

He took the bag.

And showed up this afternoon with the machine, Igor, and some other young Russian hottie. Igor played with Cat-O while Man Friday and Hottie installed the machine.


I'm washing whites right now and couldn't be happier.

Next: blue jeans!


Alison and Larry said...

Mazel Tov

valentina said...

OH HAPPY DAY!! AND JUST IN TIME FOR BABOO'S BIRTHDAY not that she would care THAT much, but a happy mom makes a happy household!! And clean clothes for EVERYONE!! How fabulous!
Let the Festival of Laundry begin! And how nice of you to tip Man Friday after all of that waiting...He should be in your debt which is just how you want things to be! xov

katbat said...


Tina in CT said...

YEAH!!!!! The hum of the spin cycle, the heat from the dryer, wonderful!

Now will they come fix the warped flooring?

Ian said...

Congratulations! Though I am almost sad the adventure is over. We will have to see what next great challenge you have to overcome!

jkatze said...


TRex said...

You call that parquet! You now have an excuse to rip that shiite up.

The Expatresse said...

TRex: Yeah, it barely qualifies. Better to say "wood flooring."

Anonymous said...

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