Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crime and Punishment

The girls don't care much for their school nurse.

First, she never seems to be in her office. "Either she's at lunch or she decides she needs to get out and take a walk," Baboo reported.

If you are unfortunate enough to actually need the services of a school nurse, but lucky enough to find her at her desk, she usually delivers a cursory examination, proclaims, "It's only a flesh wound," and sends you back to class without so much as a Band-Aid.

Today at lunch, Baboo reports, eight (?) of her classmates drew on their hands and faces with pink marker.

"It didn't even look like blood." She was disdainful.

The classmates went to the nurse's office.

Quelle surprise! Not only was she in, but she gave them all Band-Aids.

Baboo's teacher, who doesn't suffer fools lightly, caught on to this bêtise immédiament.

"There are children in Africa who DIE because they don't have Band-Aids! And you are using them as fashion statements because they have pictures of DOGS!" he scolded them before marching them by their collective ears down to see Monsieur Le Directeur.

"Will they have to write lines as punishment?" I asked her. "Something like 'I will not waste Band-Aids when there are children in Africa dying from a lack of Band-Aids'?"

"I'm not sure," Baboo replied. "Usually he makes kids write an essay about their crimes."


valentina said...

I wonder if he makes them have a thesis statement in their essays about their criminal activity?

What about Sponge Bob Band-Aids? The girls could take some back after this summer and make a killing selling them on the playground at recess in the fall!

How absurd. I remember when we were in school the nurse was just as useless and could not even dispense an aspirin with parental approval...

As for me, whose normal temp is 92.4, when I had 98.6 it meant I had a fever and should have been sent home but no number of notes sent back to school with me would ever make this transpire...

I suppose school nurses are pretty useless everywhere... Not that many nurses aren't wonderful... it's just the school ones which seemed and still seem to be so ineffectual!

I suspect punishment essays must be about as effective as writing endlessly on the black board...

School will be out soon enough and you will be winging your way back home!

Hooray for summer! xov

Aunt Becky said...

Ah, my school nurses always let me lay down because I had "cramps" when in reality, I was just lazy and didn't feel like sitting through class.

And my word verification: cranky. Which is precisely my feelings on the day.

Anonymous said...

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