Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Comic Relief

On the way home from the gym: woman in front of me is wearing a blouse covered in images of the Pink Panther. And the words pink panther. Except it is spelled PINK PANIHER.

On the way to school: a little girl sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus is wearing a green t-shirt with a photo of a bunny rabbit and a guinea pig. Above the little pets are the words WET DREAM.

In the park on the way home from school: a young man is wearing a pink t-shirt with the words FUCK BARBIE.

In front of the Kievskaya train station this morning, I saw an adorable baby cradled in her father's arms, gnawing on her father's pack of cigarettes.

There cannot be not enough snacks,
There can only be not enough vodka.
There can be no silly jokes,
There can only be not enough vodka.
There can be no ugly women,
There can only be not enough vodka.
There cannot be too much vodka,
There can only be not enough vodka.

Drinking beer without vodka is a waste of money.

100 years is not long.
100 miles is not far.
100 grams* is not vodka.

*100 grams: a unit of measure for serving vodka. Equal to a 100 ml or one fluid ounce.


Susan said...

Those Europeans come up with the weirdest sayings on tshirts. The words many times dont even go together. Its always fun!!

katbat said...

when we were here in 1999 we saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "gay by nature, out by choice." I told my husband - "wow - I am really impressed!" He was willing to bet money they guy didnt know what the shirt said.

Another funny story - when we married, Leo had a box of clothes and that was pretty much it. One particular item was a sweater - I cant remember the color - I think brown and across the front in light blue cursive was embroidered "Team Boys" I wish he still had it!

Margarita said...

Does matter how much vodka you buy, you'll run for additional bottle.

Send fool for vodka and he brings exact one bottle.

Tina in CT said...

Only bits and pieces of your blog showed up.

The Expatresse said...

It is sort of bits and pieces this time . . . maybe that was the whole thing?

Ian said...

Thanks for the post on my blog! It is just starting so it will get better as I go. We live in Broward county and I work in Miami. So I understand what you mean by South Florida being its own country.

I really like reading your blog. Though I admit at one point I was about to buy you a washing machine/Dryer combo myself!

Anonymous said...

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