Friday, December 4, 2009

Jewelry Makes Me Feel Funny . . . But Don't Let That Stop You

Like anything for sale in Anthroplogie, I get all . . . GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! when I look at jewelry. I don't know why. Half the time I acquire pieces, and then I don't even wear them.

I just want them.


In Anthropologie, I'm so overwhelmed that I never buy much.


But especially the bedding.

Like that's all going to fit nicely in my suitcase.

I also have a lot of very nice jewelry from Robert Redford's catalog.

Back before we had kids and I still had a Job-Outside-the-Home, I used to mark up catalogs as a sort of entertainment. I just wanted to consider the items for a while, but I rarely, if ever, ordered them. Like shopping at T.J.Maxx or Odd Lots: sometimes I just like to put the items in my cart for a while. But then, I put them back. I got to have them for a few minutes, and I wasn't that much happier for having done so.

One year around Valentine's Day, The Spouse uncovered one of these Wish-List-Catalogs and ordered everything in it that I marked.

It. Was. Great.

Almost as good as the year he went to Burdine's and got me a lovely sapphire and diamond ring, and even though there was a purse-snatching in progress, the clerk held on to him like grim death, thoughtfully suggestive-selling him other items while her colleagues begged her to "Please, give us the phone!" and then "Please, dial 9-1-1!" because the perp had shoved the victim down and she had bonked her head. Every time I wear that ring I wonder if that poor anonymous shopper is okay.

That was The Valentine's Day to End All Valentine's Days because that ring was the Grande Finale in a series of gifts that also included
  • The Largest Garfield Card Ever
  • A Dozen Red Roses
  • A Whitman Sampler 
  • and the thing I wanted most . . . dinner at the now-defunct Las Puertas in Coral Gables, Florida.

He really outdid himself that year. I don't think he's reached those heights since.

Anyhow, I was bopping along, reading comments on a recent post by one of my very favorite serious bloggers,* and I found a comment by the woman who has this site.

I've been a very good girl, Santa. Can I please have this?

 Or this?

Preferably both?

* She's not "serious" as in "humorless." She's serious as in "seriously makes me snort my coffee out my nose, that's how hard I am laughing."


Tina in CT said...

Beautiful jewelry.

That was some Valentine's. My big 5-0 birthday was like that - a gift each day (with a card) each day leading up to my birthday.

Drooling over catalogs is fun and free.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Seriously - amazing pieces. And I know how you feel about Anthro. I definitely get a little nutty when I'm in there too! Its the fever...

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Is that second thing a bracelet? Because I totally want it.

The Expatresse said...

JENNY!!!!!! [me, screaming with excitement!). No, it's a ring.

I Wonder Wye said...

I buy everything from Anthroplogie and the Sundance catalog......the craftmanship is suburb, and it's all unique. Excy designed by wedding ring, and a jeweler friend made it, and when people ask where I got it I love telling them they will never see another -- I guess if they do, Excy's in serious trouble....