Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Things

No comment on this one. It's been a while, it seems, since I've had any vodka.

Babysitters who make wonderful crafts with the kids.

How DID she do that?

And tonight they made this:

They didn't have green paper, so they painted paper green. They left a water glass and brushes full of paint, but still. That's creative.

Then there are these. I bought these great handmade socks on the street today.The woman who sold them to me was so cute. She made these herself.

And these.

SQUIRRELS! I mean to give these away, but I also covet them.

Then there are socks:

And a pair I am wearing. So warm.

Note the August Bike Injury Scars. Yes, I still have the marks from THAT.


valentina said...

HI, wish I knew how to make those stars! See if you can learn and teach me please! The little green tree is great too! I bet your kids love making this stuff with her!

The socks are fantastic! Especially the squirrel thing... they aren't socks but what are they?

Can't wait to see you this next week... I'll call you and arrange our rendezvous... What phone no. should I call?

Have fun this week! xov

Anonymous said...

we have a bottle of Zelenaya Marka in our freezer right now. Somebody brought it as a gift and it keeps traveling from the bar to the freezer and back. Nobody ever actually opened it, so it is a mystery vodka to me.Let us know if it is any good.

Tina in CT said...

Gorgeous knitted items.

You crack me up about the vodka.

My house is a total pit and am in the midst of packing, trying to find the bills to pay and still haven't eaten supper at 8:42.

Our paths might cross as we fly over the Atlantic. Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

Are those the sock's used for swimming?All look's real happy season.That vodka look's potent and full of cheer.Enjoy.

Susan said...

Hi Amanda, Sounds like things about back to normal. Hope U enjoy your Christmas stateside. Love those reindeer socks.. You could probably sell a suitcasefull here, if you brought some over..
I enjoy your posts. Susan

hka said...

ok, you convinced me, am going to buy some today

The Expatresse said...

V: the squirrel "socks" and leg warmers.

Olga: Zelenaya Marka is fine. It's not my favorite vodka, but if I am mixing vodka with tonic (HORRORS! I know . . .) then it is just fine. I prefer Russki Standart Platinum or Imperia, but ZM is dirt cheap.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Love the socks and leg warmers! Glad to hear Spouse is doing better and you have some happy holiday plans. I've been enjoying your posts and hope you have a great and healthy trip.

mepsipax said...

Squirrels. I freakin love squirrels. I must have those socks. And damn. That is a bad ass babysitter.

Hater Von G said...

I love the star snowflake. How crafty is that?!

And those socks!! I am a big fan of warm, fuzzy socks.

vodka is my preferred drink, straight, on the rocks.

Paul Wynn said...

Wow! Your babysitter does that? She must be one expensive sitter. They usually let the kids watch tv and put them to bet and then bring the boyfriend over. You got a winner.