Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Photos from Yesterday

Curse you, Facebook! Here I had been saying how much easier it is to upload photos at Facebook. I only put a few here yesterday, thinking I would make an album for the blog fan page, but NOOOOOOOOOooooo. Facebook has its panties in a twist and keeps whining, "Upload Fail. Please Try Again."

I was going to regale you here today with some street shots of Moscow like this one: 

You DO see what I am up against here? Look at her Mile-Long Legs.

Now, in fairness, she is wearing leggings. Yup. Those are black leggings OVER black pantyhose. Once I got closer I could see her feet better. But the effect is that of what would generally cause me to mutter, "That's not a skirt. That's a BELT!"

Note also Dude. Who dressed Dude? Could he be any more ordinary and just . . . Dude-ish?

This, too, is typically Moscow: Gorgeous Knock-Out Babe and Dude.

But this is not what I came here to discuss today. I came here to show you more photos from yesterday. Like this one:

This is so typically downtown Moscow. Seems you just turn a corner and BAM! There is a cool church with beautiful domes. The church you see here with the green domes is part of the Vysokopetrovsky Monastery. Larissa, the tour guide from yesterday told me that at one time, and perhaps even now, public art was repaired on the monastery grounds. You would walk through on a visit (the monastery is apparently a repository for historical documents) and find a statue of Stalin with no nose or lying on the ground. This made her chuckle.

The red brick building on the left is a small theater. I found this sign for Romeo and Juliet in front of it. It opens December 22.

Back inside the Bolshoi Worskop, next to Vladimir the Shoemaker, I saw this:

On a wall in a prominent position, were photos of current employees who had significant years at the Workshop.

It was difficult to get a picture without glare or reflections, but you can see that Vera, above, was born in 1927 and has worked at the Bolshoi since 1943.

Oh, and here is why I do not drive in Moscow:

This is NOT rush hour. This is 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.

And now I must get dressed (still in my pajamas . . . horrors!) and go find the girls. Today is Wednesday, which means Skittles has ping-pong and later we go back to school for Baboo's fencing class. It's a very long day.


TRex said...

Hey, the dude abides.

katbat said...

I walk by that little brick theatre sometimes! I love it - it is really cute, and that church always takes my breath away when I round the corner and see see it! One of the great things about moscow - never know whats around the next corner! :-)

Margarita said...

This is "Theater of nations".
And street - this is not traffic, this is a kind of parking lot and maneuvering there among luxury cars makes me nervous. There are even stories on how one luxury car hit another while trying to outpark on the narrow street like that.
And yes, this is quite normal - huge difference in cloth style. This is time the guy at least wearing jeans and not sportive pants with "knees".

The Expatresse said...

TRex: LOL.

Margarita: I first read your comment as "This is a NATION OF THEATERS." I was all set to agree with you on that. Seems there is a theater on every corner in Moscow.

Margarita said...

ha-ha, yes, looks like that

Kugo said...

I curse facebook all the time, for various other reasons.

These pics are great, I can never get enough of your pictures.

Major Allen Espy said...

The first photo got my attention! I will say that I was stunned at the sheer number of beautiful women walking around that city, showing their long legs and latest fashions. Of course, many had a cigarette in one hand and a cell phone in the other! Nonetheless, Moscow rocks when it comes to sexy ladies. Oh, those churches look nice too! lol

The Royal Family said...

thanks so much for visiting me!
See you soon,
The buzz, Brandy

Ex-Expatress said...

Note the christian louboutin shoes she's wearing? $995 at Saks.

The Expatresse said...

Oh, Ex-Ex: Good catch! I missed that. And I usually do have my nose in other people's shoes, as it were. :-)

Tina in CT said...

Wonder what her career is to earn enough to buy a pair of thousand dollar shoes.

I have always told myself that in my next life I am coming back with thin legs so I have a space between them from the ankles up. I'm also coming back with thin arms.

I love days when I can stay in my jammies. Once a winter when my daughter was in elementary and middle school, if it was a day that I wasn't working, I'd stay in bed all day reading. I'd get up arund 3:00 to shower and dress so I'd look normal when she got home from school. I called them Mental Health Days.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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Jen said...

The production of R and J looks sensational! You must go!

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