Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

Grocery shopping with Baboo
She has requested Nutella. I'm thinking about what she can eat it with, should I buy some sort of bread or crepes?

ME: What are you going to put it on?
BABOO: A spoon.

Today's Text Messages from Skittles
This morning she writes: Much better hardly hurts bored everyone has a play station thing that i have [and I did not allow her to take to sports camp] and is playing with it

Just now I received this: Good i am hHAPPY cause i have a extra large jolly pop

Not Related To Anything
The Spouse just sent me this link. At is an ad promoting tourism at Lake Balaton in Hungary. I have been to Lake Balaton. It is very nice. But I don't recall it being quite like in the ad.


Wenderina said...

Ok - that ad was hysterical.

valentina said...

Jeez, in a row boat! How excruciating! Glad the girls are well and Baboo has the right idea! Who needs toast if you have a spoon? Damn those play stations!! What happened to playing together? xov

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I think Nutella could be on dirt and I would eat it. That stuff is heavenly!


Tina in CT said...

Love all the comments about Nutella.

I agree w/Valentina about kids' playing. Too much computer/TV/video games, etc.

Hope Baboo is having a good time when it comes down to it.

hka said...

You should go again to Balaton, obviously you have missed something very important my friend.
That is a very famous song btw, too bad you can't understand the lyrics. But it's all there in the animation.