Saturday, October 17, 2009


Since Catoslav was diagnosed with Tetchy Bladder this summer, he's been switched to Tetchy Bladder Qat Fud.

Which is only available at the Far Away Pet Supply Store/Veterinary Pharmacy. It might be available closer, but the vet says this place has better prices. At 1300 rubles ($43 US) for 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs, I'm not totally convinced prices could be much worse. A bag does last them a month, at least, and since we've started feeding them this the Bathtub Whizzing has ceased. That's a good thing.

It takes an hour, round trip, to do the Qat Fud Run. No one wants to deal with it on a weekend, so I went yesterday.

Nothing about the outing is really very noteworthy. I walk to the Metro, take it one stop, change to another line, and take that four stops. Then I exit the Metro and walk two blocks to the store. Make purchase. Return home.

What was exciting was yesterday I discovered the store carries these! A Russian product, too.

Especially amusing are the videos on the product site. Scroll down and watch them all. I love Svetlana, the Crazy Russian Cat Lady and her seven (SEVEN!) cats.

Poor her with her shredded furniture, walls, and curtains. Her closet full of expensive and unused cat scratching products.

Poor Plushka, Banderol, Kabochok, Roma, Lariska, Kusia, and Bipa.

But once Svetlana discovers КОГТЕДРАЛКА домашняя, she is able to channel her savings into reupholstering her armchair PLUS a little time at the beauty salon. Thank you КОГТЕДРАЛКА домашняя!

Do watch all the videos: the James Bond-esque ad and the one that uses When I'm 64 (huh?) are amusing, too.

Here are Cat-O and Crooky making their own product endorsements. Sadly, neither they nor I received any compensation.

This is the old cat scratch box. I bought this in August.

Here is the one I bought yesterday.

Everybody SCRATCH!

No, the new one IS better.


Luna said...

Awesome. Had I only known. I used to bring them back from the States with me.

The Expatresse said...

Crikey, you're quick! I'm still proofing the post!

Yeah, I brought these back with me the past two years. The price wasn't too bad either . . . I think I paid 250 rubles ($8.30 US) for this one, which is about what I remember paying at Target.

Susan said...

Doe this store deliver? I used to order pet food fm pet stores online and they would mail it to me.. Might be different there in Russia. We have those Big chain pet stores like Petsmart etc. They have online purchasing. Glad you got to the bottom of the pee problem. Too bad they didn't get paid to advertise.

valentina said...

I never realized these actually worked. I had tried them with my old cats to no avail.

But these 2 have already destroyed my 2 vintage upholstered living room chairs so it' s abit like closing the barn door. Alas.

So glad the pee problem has been arrested!

The cat videos are a scream! xov

The Expatresse said...

I think the secret is the little bag of capnip you rub into the cardboard. Mine just LOVE it, but especially Crooky.

Andrew_M said...

Cats are awesome. I love their ways. I bought my old cat a scratchy pad-scratchy post combination. It had a ball on a string on top which gave him something to bat around and leap and jump after like a crazy fool when he was in one of his moods.

It was quite literally the best investment I ever made.

I vote for more Adventures of Catoslav and Crooky in the Court of Queen Expatresse!

Julia said...

This Svetlana doesn't look like the proverbial Crazy Cat Lady in spite of 7 cats. She's very nice. I love cats myself, (though can't adopt one yet) but I wouldn't have 7 cats. Three at the most.

Tina in CT said...

Yesterday my daughter told me that she now has one for her 2 cats and they love it. She also is a big advocate of the furminator.

Your short hair tiger cat has beautiful markings.

robertbyrnes said...

we have the sort of felines over here that may have relocated to Moscow.i can't work out why my daughter has a disposition for kitty litter,maybe it;s the smell.