Friday, January 8, 2010

Introducing Maru

Since we are stuck in the Holiday Inn/Washington Dulles, we are having Fun With Laptops.

We had initially thought we'd try to venture into town to visit some national monuments. But, alas, The Spouse is poorly today. Suffering from the sort of head cold *I* normally get while on some sort of holiday. I cite last year's trip to Cornwall . . . a vacation everyone tells me was lovely . . . It looks like it was nice . . . I mean, I have seen the photos . . . It appears that everyone else was looking at seals and the Tate Gallery in St. Ives, while I spent the week in a blur of vodka therapy and the UK version of Nyquil . . . a lesser product, I assure you.

Seals in Cornwall, Dec 2008

But I digress.

I tried to fire up the pay-per-view movies in the hotel, seeing as how The Spouse has not yet seen the Star Trek movie (I swear I ordered the DVD, but if I did, it got lost somewhere). I already had to bother the hotel front desk because the heater in our room didn't seem to function as well as the heater in the kids' room. When I selected the Star Trek movie our room was immediately billed for it and then the teevee screen went blue.


I called the front desk again, and the nice lady there said she would send the technician down to sort us out.

She's going to regret that she gave me Late Check Out for free (well, I did have to enroll in the Holiday Inn's loyalty program, but what's a little more spam in my in-box? That's not code for anything . . .).

So left with a choice between Dora the Explorer and whatever daytime programming now comes on after The Today Show (what on earth happened to Matt Lauer's head since 1999 when I last watched The Today Show on a regular basis? Can anyone tell me? It's like he is actively trying to be unattractive.), I discovered Maru the Cat on YouTube and his subsequent website.

Ah . . . but now the technician has repaired the teevee . . . Star Trek movie starting now.

Hoping Maru lives long and prospers.


valentina said...

Well at least most of you are well and you are all warm. Hope Da feels better soon! When does your journey re-commence? Traveling when sick is a real drag.

Here we have about 6 inches of snow and I am grateful not to have to teach. The road is impassable and while the university is technically open, I don't know who can go to work! I am snowed in for a few days I suspect.

Yes Maru is indeed entertaining! My big old cat Orlando is encroaching on my keyboard so I will sign off. love to all, v

OGLADI said...

At least the Star Trek movie is awesome. Sorry Spouse is sick...Boo.

katbat said...

wishing you safe travels and good health. Be prepared - it has been snowing nonstop - so tons of snow here!

Tina in CT said...

How about leaving the Spouse to sleep since he is battling a cold and you and the girls venturing out to see the sights?

Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.

Liz said...

Glad you made it back safely. since you've been gone Nyquil has taken a dive, the active ingredient has been removed, unfortunately.
Oh Well! Love your blog, I'm heading to Russia for a visit in February and find it very informative