Monday, January 25, 2010

The Beet Goes On . . . Literally

Oh, Loyal Beet-nik. What a long, strange trip it's been.

And it seems that our time in Moscow is just about over.

Next stop: LUXEMBOURG!

No, I don't really know anything about Luxembourg either, other than what I have gleaned from the Interwebz over the past few days. But, it looks interesting, and it's happening soon (say, mid-February).

The Spouse got a new job (something neither of us was especially looking for . . . a virtual friend from one of the expat forums sent him a message right after Christmas and said, "Dude, you might want to apply for this!"). It's a good job with lots of room to grow professionally. In fact, it sounds like it might be a lot of fun, and not just because it has to do with VODKA!

Isn't that funny? So perfect for us. A fun product in a truly multi-lingual country (they have three official languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish).

Party at Beets' place!

So the Million Dollar Question is: SHOULD I CREATE A NEW BLOG? Or should The Beet Go On?

The Spouse came up with the title to this blog after watching me flail about with boring ideas. I've been brainstorming new blog titles, but I thought I'd share a few and let you all weigh in with your thoughts and title ideas. I haven't asked him for any help yet.

First, in keeping with the idea of using a song title in the blog title and recognizing that Luxembourg is a DUCHY, I could call the Luxembourg blog PASS THE DUCHY.

Yeah, I know. Now I have the song stuck in my head.

Then there are titles with plays on the word Luxembourg:
  • If LUX Could Kill
  • LUX Can Be Deceiving
  • LUX Like a Winner to Me
Then there are possible titles with plays on Luxembourg's size (since it really is tiny . . . only about 500,000 people in the whole country . . . I mean duchy which is smaller than Rhode Island).
  • 999 Square Miles
  • Bigger Than a Bread Box
  • Size Does/Doesn't Matter
And while there are a million details to work through regarding the whole move, THIS is the burning question for me.


valentina said...

Why don't you keep the Beet Goes On, like it is rolling along to Luxembourg after all?... You have a nice wide readership growing and that seems a shame to lose or way lay...

So when are you and the girls planning to actually get there? Who is finding you housing? Am I correct to assume that you will be in the capital?

It is all very exciting and I am thrilled you will be someplace so central and French speaking, how convenient is that?! No more struggling with Russian!

Will Da be the only counsel? Anyhow I wish I could be there to help you but alas...

And school is zooming on... I have 2 Medieval Renaissance Great books classes of only 17 each! They are all readers and speak up and it is a pleasure. My jr/sr adv rhetoric class has sifted down to only 12 which makes paper marking so much easier than 20!! So I am enjoying it so far. This week begins the 4th of the 10wk term! So now I know all of my students' names and can call on them and tease them and it is going to be a very pleasant term I think!

Now I must go to sleep! Orlando is snoozing and snoring by my feet. I wonder what Cat-o and Crooky will think of Luxembourg? Will the girls have their own rooms again? And you might get a proper kitchen instead of the galley like the one you had in Bratislava at the cave house which was so nice with the view of the garden! And maybe 2 bathrooms and perhaps even closets or at least wardrobes!!! And maybe even a little garden to grow some herbs and tomatoes in and to let the cats out to explore... You might not need wheels there. Maybe you can all get bikes!

It is all very small and trains and trams etc are good... Maybe some sort of job outside your home awaits you! You will be midway between my friends Jeffe and Salvador of Churriana in Brugge and Gertrude and Alejandro in Paris... Doesn't Da's French brother live in Paris?

Oh we will have fun! xov

hka said...

Now stop making me cry at once. Just go and have fun.
I like the if Lux could kill (also Lux like a winner) title, but Valentina's got a point - you've already got a huge readership, obviously your blog has a name (e.g. on babble), it might not be wise to change. There are so many blogs I just identify by the name... I think it's a great idea to put the question to a vote.

katbat said...

wow! I am so happy for you! Looks great - worlds safest city - people riding bikes, better weather, french speaking, middle of europe, sounds fantastic!

I must admit I am jealous!

As for the name - depends on purpose of your blog - if you are writing as a resource for expats, or to keep friends and family in the loop, change the name - people will find you. If you are writing for writing sake, then keep the name - people know it and dont like change.

I am not too techie, but perhaps you could get an "umbrella blog" - expatresse something, and have each of your locations as a sub-blog?

Bob Bishopric said...

I'm looking forward to learning about a new place from your unique perspective. Keep "The Beet Goes On". Remember brand equity? You've built up a lot, don't toss it out.

The Expatresse said...

Bob: LOL! That is what I've been thinking. You taught me well.

Annie said...

Oh, man - I was for keeping this title...but your ideas are so good it is a shame to waste them. You really need to start a FEW blogs just to use them.

I think I like the LUX ones, actually. But "Size Doesn't Matter" is very funny.

On one hand I think YOU ARE SO LUCKY! (So Luxy?) But my husband wants to move to Korea and I'm definitely digging in my heels. Of course if he were paid for whatever your husband does, rather than for teaching middle school, perhaps I'd feel differently.

Wow - how do you feel?

The Expatresse said...

Annie: Ask me again once I've actually SEEN Luxembourg. But right now I feel as though I'm getting a nice promotion. Not that I ever hated our other "postings." But this one does feel a bit like a reward.

Tina in CT said...

How fantastic! I sure wish my kids were leaving Moscow!

I'm all for keeping the blog title as you have your loyal following.

As for "Size Doesn't Matter" - That would get you some WEIRD readers.

I have only seem the country through a train window riding to Holland from Paris. If it's anything like Holland, it will be lovely. Just think, you might be able to have a little house. You'll be able to travel a lot throughout Europe as you won't be stranded like in Moscow. Your girls will be able to use their French a lot.

I won't be able to meet you on my next trip to Moscow - bummer.

Luna said...

We all must remain loyal Beetniks. Loyal Luxniks sounds sounds like a disease. :) And yes, you need to keep the brand. Just change/add subtitle . . . or something.

The irony of it being vodka related cracks me up.

moscow daily photo said...

I can't stand it! Luxembourg! I am thrilled for you! xxoo

Kugo said...

This sounds awesome! I can't wait to see a new city through your eyes. You have made me appreciate the beauty in Moscow and I have no doubt you will do the same in your new city. The Beet does go on but if you do change the title just let us all know so we can ride along with your new adventure.


Clarks in Moscow said...

This is devastating news! My wife and I use your blog as a lifeline to prove that we are not really insane. Life in Moscow is not for the fainthearted. I think that you should keep "The Beet goes on". It is a rolling story.

Karyn said...

I vote keep "The Beet Goes On" and let it evolve!!

But if you're going to start a new one, I like "Bigger than a Bread Box."

Anonymous said...

They eat beets in Luxembourg

Alison and Larry said...

You will be sorely missed, Beet. Ever since we left Moscow, you've been my main link to the hurley-gurley world of the wonderfully weird Russian capital. How else will I get my afternoon pick me up if you pack up your tent.

Many thanks for hours of side splitting fun. You gotta keep your Beet Goes On - I wanna stay a Beet-nik.

Kathy A. Johnson said...

I love "Beet"--such a clever name! However, I don't care what you call your blog, just don't stop writing. I love it, and look forward to reading about your new adventures.

Anonymous said...

as I sit here eating my beet & arugula salad in Seattle WA, I agree with the consensus....the Beet MUST go ON !! :)... Jennie

Stuck in NY said...

The beet must stay! This makes me so sad.. This blog is what it is because of the quality of your writing and the quality of the Moscow story! Stay loyal to it and to us! Once a Beetnik, ALWAYS a Beetnik! I wish you the smoothest of transitions! GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for the Beet... too.
And lots of good luck in Luxembourg.


Ian said...

I vote you stick with Beet Goes On! I am really looking forward to your move though, the opportunity for comedic situations is huge!

- English man in Moscow - said...

The Beet goes on is relevant to Russia only and a cool name by accident or design.

Call it "Life of Lux"..... I won't charge you for this suggestion!!

Pass the duchy is a bit naff.Surly there are 100's of blogs on Luxembourg but then again maybe not its a small European country.

- English man in Moscow - said...

P.S Good luck, it will be great.

TRex said...

One of my favorite singers, deceased unfortunately.


Damn, you'll be leaving just as I get back.

petersblurb said...

They do indeed have beets in Luxembourg, though called 'betterave'.

Maybe you could just add something like 'de luxe' to the established title? You risk losing a lot of hard-earned search engine points.

Having lived in Belgium, I think you'll find a nice change of focus. Lots of really pretty scenery within easy drive of Luxembourg, as is all the great food and wine in the Alsace.

The Expatresse said...

Petersblurb: By Jove! I think you've got it!

kate said...

I think a new blog is in order--although I love the beet-y nature of this one.

I think you have to be there to know what your best title is. I'm partial to both Lux Can be Deceiving (but can it? It seems so wholesome to me...) and Bigger Than a Breadbox (but is it? Really?)

Whatever you call it, I'll be reading!

Enjoy the new adventure!

petersblurb said...

kate said:

I'm partial to both Lux Can be Deceiving (but can it? It seems so wholesome to me...) and Bigger Than a Breadbox (but is it? Really?

Expatresse had many creative suggestions and, I have to say, I might steal one. 'Livin' in a box' would be perfect for my new site about Kaliningrad. But the borders around Luxembourg are very open and you don't exactly get holed up there.

The 'country' is a nonsense - it's an onshore banking convenience - but should give rise to some fun blogging.

Ashira said...

I think petersblurb had a great suggestion! You do have quite a following, and there's a lot to be said for that - branding is priceless. The Beet Goes On Deluxe has a nice ring to it. If you do that, you only have to change your blog header, and the blog address can stay the same.
Good luck with the move! Can't wait to start reading about your new adventures :)

Karen said...

I vote for a change in blog, to match your change in location. "LUX Like A Winner To Me" is my favourite. Your last post in this blog could be a link to the new one, that way it's easy for your readers to follow you. If they don't, well, they're obviously not that loyal and not worth worrying about - their loss.

However, if you do decide to keep this one, I like "The Beet Goes On deLUXe." It works... for now. But once you've been in Luxembourg for a while, will you associate yourself with Russia much any more? "The Beet" is very Russian sounding. And if you don't change blog now, you'll be stuck with it everywhere you go.

Paul (the BocaBrit) said...

Hi Amanda, look at my name - that's your clue about keeping "The Beet Goes On". Even though we are now in the Pacific NW my Florida "handle" remains. Keep "The Beet" going please. And please pass on our congrats to Ron, we hope this will be your best move yet. Next time we're over the pond I think I see another Eurostar trip - Brussels, with a connection to Luxembourg. As for the play on words, how about Lux soap - "Luxury at a price you can afford". We'll be looking forward to seeing your adventure unfold. Tell Babboo & Skittles we all said hi (Drew & Brittany too). xxx

Rachel said...

Love your blog.

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MoscowMom said...

OH MY!!!! Vodka?! How à propos, n'est-ce pas?! What a great move for your whole family. After all those years in French schools, now the girls will get to live in a francophone country... And your French is far stronger than your Russian, non? Although, you must admit, you have managed in a uniquely beet way to twist Russian around when push has come to shove!

I will miss you!!!!!!!! But congrats!!!!!! When I'm not flat on my back ill, let's all get together and celebrate!

As for the name, Katherine has it, I think... Create an "Expatress site" with sub blogs for your different countries. That way anyone looking for you at "thebeet" will find out your new location. The new name will come to you... Have fun thinking on it... Perhaps with some of your hubby's new vodka...

Penny Lane said...

Keep The beet goes on.. the tile fits any situation.. it would make a great reading to have both countries in one blog.. and all your fans will be able to still follow the blog!

christy TN said...

Beet Goes On, keep it. It rocks.

Karyn said...

I saw a link to "Bigger than a Breadbox" and thought it was your new blog already...but it wasn't ( So, guess that one's already taken.