Friday, November 13, 2009

Um, I'm PRETTY Sure I Didn't Say It QUITE That Way

Oh, the Interwebz! It is a wonderful place.

Thanks to the miracle of blog statistic sites, I discovered another lovely American woman who blogs about her life in Moscow. And today she joined the original Fab Four Blogging Babes at lunch.

My blog stat info showed a reader coming from a site I didn't recognize, so I followed the link, and lo and behold! New friend!

My blog stat info also showed this link. Hmmm. Also mysterious. What the heck could that be?

Ah, yes! The cat scratching box people!

You may recall, if you are a regular here Chez Beet, that about a month ago I wrote and posted this entry about how happy I was I found these cardboard boxes for cats to scratch on since I had been bringing them back from the USSA in my suitcase.

Go click the link and read it again.

Go on.

I'll wait.

[drums fingers]

Didja read what I wrote?

Now, if you can read Russian, this is how what I wrote got translated into Russian:

Мы с мужем живем в Огайо.
Наш любимый кот использует картонную когтеточку Catoslav. Ветеринар посоветовал нам приобретать именно такие когтеточки в специализированной аптеке, где их можно купить по наиболее приемлемой цене в $ 43 (около 1300 руб.), в то время как в других местах Catoslav будет стоить дороже. Чтобы съездить в эту аптеку надо потратить несколько часов на дорогу, в общей сложности посвятить один из выходных дней.
Недавно я была в Москве.
Это было удивительно! Я обнаружила, что подобная картонная когтеточка, без которой американский кот не представляет себе счастливой жизни, производится в России, продается в московских магазинах и называется «Когтедралка Домашняя».
До зоомагазина добиралась недолго: пять остановок на метро с одной пересадкой, да пару кварталов пешком.
Купив когтеточку всего за 250 руб. ($8.4), я возвратилась домой.
Покрутив упаковку, я увидела сайт производителя картонных когтедралок. Зашла. Там очень интересные видеоролики. Рекомендую - посмотрите их все!
Особенно забавное видео про российскую леди Светлану и ее семь (СЕМЬ!) кошек Плюшку, Кабачка, Кису, Цыгана и их друзей, изодравшими мебель, стены и занавески.
Когда Светлана дает своим питомцам «Когтедралку Домашнюю», они буквально набрасываются на нее, мешают друг другу, выстраиваются в очередь. Все остальные когтеточки (веревочная и ковровая) остались пылиться в кладовке.
Теперь Светлана может потратить свои сбережения на новую обивку кресел, а свободное время посвятить себе (зайти в салон красоты).
Действительно, смотрите все видеофильмы.
Мне 64 года, и для меня они очень забавны.
Спасибо «Когтедралка Домашняя»!

I was very excited.

"What does it say? What does it say?" I asked The Spouse. I wanted to see how The Expatresse translated into Russian.

The Spouse dutifully took the Russian text and translated it back into English for me. Here is what the good people who visit the Kogtedralka web site think I wrote:

My husband and I live in Ohio.
Our beloved cat uses the cardboard cat scratcher “Catoslav.”  The veterinarian recommended us to acquire just this kind of cat scratcher in a special drugstore where you can buy them for a better price of $43 (about 1300 rubles), as the Catoslav is more expensive in other places.  In order to get to this drugstore, I had to spend hours on the road and the main problem was that I used up a whole weekend day.
Recently, I was in Moscow.
It was fantastic!!  I discovered that a similar cardboard cat scratcher that my American cat could not imagine living without is produced in Russia and is sold in Moscow stores under the name Kogtedralka Domashnyaya.
To get to the pet shop didn’t take long.  Five stops on the Metro and one transfer, and then a couple of blocks on foot.
I bought this cat scratcher for 250 rubles ($8.4) and returned home.
When I opened the package, I saw the website where these cardboard cat scratchers are made.  I went to that sight and saw some really interesting videos.  I recommend them – watch them all!
One video about a Russian lady was especially funny.  Her name is Svetlana and she has seven (SEVEN!!) cats:  Fluffy, Squash-shaped, Kissy, Gypsy, and their friends and it showed their furniture, walls and curtains.
When Svetlana gives her wards the Kogtedralka Domashnyaya cat scratcher, they literally throw themselves on her, tussle all over each other, and get in a line.  The other cat scratchers (rope ones and carpet ones) were left folded in the closet.
Now Svetlana can spend her savings on new upholstery for her chair and her free time for herself (going to the beauty parlor).
Really, look at the videos.
I am 64 years old, and this is really fun for me.
Thank you, Kogtedralka Domashnyaya cat scratcher!

Sheesh. I hope none of them ever run into Washer Repair Dude III.

In other news, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . CRAP DOGS!


Tina in CT said...

You all met again for lunch. I spoke to my daughter briefly today but she didn't mention it. We were talking about the cat and kids. We'll talk more this weekend.

I'm sure you all had fun (and wine).

The Expatresse said...

Actually, no wine was consumed. Although I thought about it.

Amber Page Writes said...

I should be able to read that in russian. Once upon a time I could. Sigh...

Aren't those cardboard boxes genius? Love them.

jessicabold said...

Wow...I wish I had a Russian translator in the house.