Friday, November 20, 2009

And Now for Something COMPLETELY Different

Here are photos of British Humour Night taken by the bar's photographer.

The Germans sketch


Neil's monologue

It's the Arts sketch





Tina in CT said...

Can I say that I knew you when?

Dividing My Time said...

Please please please, put me on this mailing/info list.
It looks wonderful!

The Expatresse said...

Next Sunday is "propaganda classics" . . . have not yet received the scripts, so not sure what role, if any, I will have.

It's basically twice a month on Sunday nights at 7:00 at Bar Pivo Vodi.

Ashira said...

Looks like great fun! If I have time I think I'll stop by. Thanks for letting me know that I can find white meat chicken here - it's a life saver :)

Windsor said...

Can you find out where the girl in the blue dress bought said dress? I need it!

The Expatresse said...

Windsor: she says she got the dress at Topshop (UK).

robertbyrnes said...

OK,next time we vote for Australia to become a Republic ,i"ll be in the Yay's.An Aussie at a formal gathering is the one wearing Black Thong"s(footwear).At least the colonial"s can make a dress i guess.