Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shamelessly Shilling

If you are in the Central Ohio/Franklin County area and in the market for tasteful, reasonably priced, gently used furniture, look here.

Then go here, and sponsor my sister-in-law (or the rider of your choice) who is riding her bike 100 miles at the end of August as a fund-raiser for the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. My dad was treated there for prostate cancer last summer, and as I type this he remains cancer-free.

That's always a good thing.


valentina said...

I gave to your sister in law's ride, $63. A dollar for every year of my mom's life. I sure wish I could give a lot more.

Please forgive me if I am preaching to the choir about this now:

I made a list and I have lost
30 family,friends or colleagues to Cancer over the past 30 years. By "friend" I mean someone who has been to my house or I have been to theirs. Some of these were very intimate and some were more casual. I also have a list of 18 friends who are living with or have survived or been pronounced Cancer free. For many of these friends death is immanent.

So that is a total ot 48 persons close to me who have died from or are confronting Cancer now. I have cried a river.

Cancer is truly a plague. It is an insidious disease which
consumes entire families with grief and despair. It requires the most valiant courage of the victim. Several of my friends have survived breast cancer but a few died of this. Many of the men have survived prostate cancer and one died of it. The rest were all healthy, and some were young, in their 30s and some were old in their 80s.

I URGE you to make a donation to Christy Rosenthal's Bike ride or to the Cancer Society.
Even $20 can make a difference. That is the cost of a lunch or a few lattes.

For all of our sakes we must strive to find a cure.

Please forgive the preachiness of this litany. As you can see it is a topic of profound importance for all of us. This blog has such a wide readership I am only hoping to inspire some more support for Christy's ride against Cancer.

I hope you are all healthy and well and enjoying your summer.

AS for the Expatresse, we will be happy to have you home and to see the children again.

Travel safely! xov

The Expatresse said...

Nicely put. Thanks.

Susan said...

Thank you Valentina. I too have lost many friends to cancer. Even today my best friends daughter (30 years old) is having both breasts removed and possibly her ovaries due to cancer.
We are all so sad for her. She has only been married for 8 months!! I could go on and on, but I wont!
I heartly support all that can erase this deadly beast from the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

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