Monday, April 20, 2009

Misery Loves Company

It's snowing. I wore my down-filled coat today.

Why on earth would so many people end up living in a place with such lousy weather? I mean, really.

Please don't tell me how lovely it is where you are. And stop sending me photos of your beach vacation/flower garden/backyard barbecue. I don't think I can take it. The Spouse called me today from Bratislava to tell me how nice the weather there was. He was genuinely thrilled.

I started to cry.

Oh, and there's a street dog corpse in the alley in front of the kids' school.

Baboo is crushed because tomorrow (Tuesday) is Jour de Cowboy in the school cantine. This is the one day out of the school year that they will serve hamburgers. And on Tuesdays she eats a packed lunch because she's at the other school.

Everybody's mood is merde.


Luna said...

It's hailing and snowing here. My heat won't work. I have no water. Found a dead dog, too. But in an out of the way corner. But did see a cat keel over and die in the neighbor's yard. My spouse and I haven't spoken to eachother in a week. And . . . I have a hangover.

There . . . feel any better? (Okay. I'm lying. But not totally...) :P

Just tell the hamburgers will be gross, anyhow.

marina villatoro said...

god, that's no fun at all. i'm from russia and my mom was born in st. petersburg and my dad in siberia. my mom always says, when you have a warm beautiful coat, who cares if it's cold. actually, i do. that's why i live in the tropics:)
The Travel Expert(a) - Living and Traveling Central America

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

It is cold raining and windy here in the suburbs of DC. So much for global warming...

Tina in CT said...

If I see a dead animal in the street when I'm there, I will totally freak out as I am an animal lover. I also have a phobia and cannot see ANYTHING dead. No one will ever see me going up to a casket at a funeral/wake to say goodbye and I'd just die myself.

I am NOT bringing a winter coat so it damn well better stop snowing there and warm up!!!! Perhaps I'd better bring my fleece jacket though.

valentina said...

Well here in SE Ohio it has rained, rained, rained all the damned day and not that warm spring rain that makes May flowers bloom but that horrible cold gloomy rain...So I feel we are getting short changed because April which should be the most beautiful month of the year here has been rainy and chilly for at least half of the days...UGH.

It is true we have had no more snow however...

You have my utmost sympathy about the cold and gloom and it would make me weep too.

Tell Baboo that surely cowboy cafeteria food can't be as good as you can get at the Starlight diner or that you all can cook in your own kitchen and have her invite a friend home for some REAL American Cowboy Homecookin'!

And remind her that corn and steak await her here this summer!

I think this extra long winter is doing you all in!
Now with Da gone and Skittles sad and you all are just sick and tired! Who could blame you!?

Do something nice for yourselves! xov

MoscowMom said...

I hear you! I just got up to see all the snow accumulated on the ground! COME ON!!!! It looks utterly ridiculous underneath the patriotic May 9th billboard!

The Expatresse said...

Tina: I will say that I rarely see dead animals here in spite of all the strays. I saw a LT more when I lived in Miami . . . there I used to keep a bottle of water, a small bag of kibble, and a leash in the back of my car for rescuing "people" on the highways . . . and I did it more than once. My boss didn't bat an eye if I called to say I was going to be late because I had just done an "intervention."

Larry said...

I totally agree about the weather - this is ridiculous. My Moscow hiking group canceled and left me stranded on the southernmost part of the "Green" line where i battled the elements to look at a frozen pond.

I too am sick of hearing about my friends record breaking high temperatures in the Bay Area. Phooey.

kate said...

YES! It was -2 this morning. Minus two! What is that? And yet, I persisted in *not* wearing my wintriest coat out of plain stubbornness. So not only was it cold outside, but I was cold, too.

And it's WINDY.

Yuck. I'd even welcome mud season at this point.

Yeah--how did sleep-deprivation-season start without mud season? It's light here past 10 already. And it's still snowing and slushing.

Tina in CT said...

Crap! I don't want to lug along a winter fuzzy jacket. I bought a pretty Kelly Green Lands End spring jacket for my trip.

When I was there at Xmas 4 1/2 years ago, I really bothered me to see all the strays. I am sheltered from it here in the burbs of CT.

Anonymous said...

do not count on good weather - at the very least bring a cashmere sweater - you can fit it as an extra layer under any coat. And I do like to have silk underwear with me - can use it as pajamas, but when truly desperate can always hide it as an extra layer under your normal clothes. And do not forget good worm socks.
I am talking from experience!

Anonymous said...

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