Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Eggs and I

"Do you mind if I blow the eggs?" I asked The Spouse yesterday. We were in the kitchen, and he was making the Traditional Weekend Pancakes From Scratch for the children.

When he finished spluttering in his coffee, he said, one eyebrow raised, "Why, of course not. It makes the eggs so happy."


I had this brainstorm because the girls wanted to decorate Easter eggs, but, remembering vividly my own childhood, I was loathe to boil up dozens of eggs that we would then either

1. have to eat at every meal for the next week

or (and this was always worse)

2. discover, mummified but redolent of sulfur nonetheless, months after Easter.

I had never blown eggs before, but it wasn't that hard. I took a corn-on-the-cob holder, which has thin spikes, and used that to poke a hole in each end, making one slightly larger than the other. Then I just blew hard on the smaller hole while the contents of the egg squirted out into a bowl.

The girls put the wrappers on the eggs. I put them in a bowl, and then poured a kettle of boiling water over them.

The wrappers magically shrank right onto the egg shells. Et voilà.

The happiest eggs in town.


kate said...


I am here to vote (unasked) that you change your prefernces to show more than one post on your blog at one time.

As a slacker-reader who often has several posts to catch up on, and who is incredibly lazy, I implore you to do so.


MoscowMom said...

You crack me up! Good thing you didn't crack up the eggs. I'm with you on the hard-boiled ones... YUCK. Aren't the wrappers so handy and FAST?! We did wrappers and onion dying this year (well, my kids did, at various friends' homes, ergo no pictures).

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Honestly! You think I'd check before I clicked "publish", but noooo...

These are just gorgeous!
How long can you keep them like so?

The Expatresse said...

Kate: Okay, okay . . . I changed the setting to show 15 days worth on the "front page."

valentina said...

They are lovely. You could have dyed over the brown ones and they'd be fabulous, just sort of umbered colors like the PreRaphaelites. I love color over brown myself... Chinese red too!

How long is Da away for?

I, whom am allergic to eggs, dreamed last night that I was eating something and came across the yucky yolk in it sort of soft boiled egg consistency. This was awful. A nightmare of sorts.

I prefer the blown eggs as I don't want a bunch of hard boiled eggs around either. And if your kids won't eat them for snacks (yeach!) what would you do with them?

So what did you make out of all of the innards? Bread pudding? Custard? Creme Brulee? Something yummy I hope!

Happy Spring. My sympathies about the snow. Maybe tomorrow will be warm again I hope! xov

valentina said...

Oh I MUCH prefer the multiple posts! Thanks for changing!xov

Tina in CT said...

Egg custard is a good way to use up the egg innerds.

The eggs with the wraps are so pretty.

I bought Hannah Montana and High School Musical egg kits for the girls to use next Easter and am bringing them over when I visit my daughter in May. She'll tuck them away in her holiday boxes.

Hopefully she'll take you up on your offer of the blow-up air mattress.

copydude said...

I love the wrappers. Where did you find them? I've never seen them. Are they for sale all year round?

The Expatresse said...

Copydude: I got them at the grocery store . . . Sedmoi. Right by the Easter cake displays. But I don't see them now that Easter is over (although I do see the cakes are on special . . .).

Anonymous said...

Slipknot- Psychosocial