Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What DO I Do All Day?

Handy Tip of the Day: Don't bother mopping the floors until after the water delivery guy comes. It's not his fault. It doesn't make sense to have him take his shoes off. And he wipes them off before he comes in. But still, he always tracks mud across the floors.

My delivery was scheduled for this morning, which means anytime between 8:00 and noon. I can't go anywhere until he gets here. And, as I mentioned, I am loathe to deal with the floors before he comes either.

I did do the breakfast dishes. (By hand. We don't have a dishwasher.)

And put away some laundry.

And washed another load of laundry.

And discovered that a lone purple sock found it's way into the load of whites.

And redid the laundry. This time with a shot of bleach.

Cleaned the bathroom sink (since there's only one, I have to do this task daily).

Made my bed.

Then I took pictures of the cats.

Here, Crooky is seeing if she can adjust the washer so it doesn't make white shirts slightly pink.

Here we are all playing Hide in the Closet.

And Cat-O is telling me he's sorry he put the purple sock in the load of whites.

But I don't think he's sincere.

The delivery guy has come and gone, and I've mopped my floors. Ate a little lunch.

Something tells me it's time to scoop the catbox now.


TRex said...

Heh, we have the same delivery guy!

Test this, put a sock in your microwave. It will show up in your laundry, I kid you not!

valentina said...

Well aren't you lucky to have those two lovely kitty cats to help you and entertain you while you do all of your chores? xov

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