Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lovely Moscow Wednesday

Isn't it just dreadful?

I took this picture about 2:30 this afternoon.

This is nicer. Even though it was bothering me.

Last I saw it, it was asleep in Skittles' little wardrobe.

She's got the right idea, though. It's a fine day for napping.

Speaking of happier days, today Babysitter Deluxe-O is coming so The Spouse and I can go to le concert offert par l’Ambassadeur du Luxembourg, dans le cadre de la Francophonie, au musée Pouchkine, suivi d’une réception à la résidence de l’Ambassade. Guess I'll find out exactly what this is when I get there, but I think it's a little concert followed by a reception.

We are happy to have Babysitter Deluxe-O back as she spent the last week in Moscow Hospital #64 having had a sort of emergency appendectomy. Visiting hours were limited to 5-7 weekdays and 11-1 on weekends, so when I finally thought I could get it together to visit her on Monday, she told me that there were NO visiting hours on Monday as it was "Sanitary Day."

The mind reels.

Plus, did you notice what I wrote? A week in the hospital. A WEEK!

She claims it was okay, which I think means there was toilet paper and maybe she didn't have to share the toilet with the whole floor, although I am sure she shared it with the whole ward. I'll get the scoop tonight.


Tina in CT said...

I'm happy to write that I completely understood what you wrote in French so the old mind has not totally turned to Mush. Have a great time! It's fun to go to something special and get all dressed up.

I remember years ago that my daughter told me that Russia was big on appendectomies and everyone seems to go that route.

I have heard horror stories about Moscow hospitals but more so before the break-up of the USSR. How needles were reused, how you had to bring your own sheets, etc.

The pictures of the cats are so cute.

As for the dreary sky, no wonder alcoholism is such a problem. I love our clear blue sunny winter skies here in CT. It can snow one day and then be bright and sunny the next.

katbat said...

the grey fog reminds me a bit of seattle . . .
btw - we called the Russian consolate and they want everyone, including kiddos (including baby)to have the HIV test. Maybe a new rule . . . oh well - just one more step in our journey!

valentina said...

Isn't she adorable sleeping in the wardrobe having a little nap? You are very lucky to have 2 such wonderful cats. Valentina spends a lot of time in my desk drawer or crawling around on top of my desk while Big Boy Orlando spends a good deal of time either sleeping under my desk chair or beside it. They want to be in proximity which is fine with me...He is snoozing on my bed right now and I'm not sure where she is as it is very late at night. But last night she was tearing up and down the hall way and he arose from bed to go out to see what all the commotion was about and to join in. So then I had both of them swatting a stuffed mouse like thing with a bell hanging from it up into the air for about 15 minutes and then all calmed down again. Cats. Go figure? They sure are mysterious! xov

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