Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Which We Let the Cat Out of the Bag

The Cat arrived.

"Primo" bides his time.

In other Moscow news . . .

While out today, we saw a Cinderella carriage drawn by two white horses. On the Garden Ring. That's a little like seeing a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of the Indy 500.

Then, while walking through one of those "Under the Street Underpasses," we saw a guy playing Mack the Knife.

On a saw.

And not particularly well.

Baboo said, "My day just keeps getting weirder and weirder."


Tina in CT said...

Your cats are very cute.

The Cinderella carriage - a wedding?

valentina said...

Yep I'd say the Cinderella Carriage and the Guy with a Saw playing Mack the Knife constitute a pretty weird day! Ask Baboo is she sure she wasn't dreaming? Tell her about the Chinaman who didn't know if he was a Chinaman dreaming that he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming it was a Chinaman...She'll appreciate the existential dilemma of it all! xov PS. Cats are handsome!

TRex said...

Points for originality, you tipped him yes?

The Expatresse said...

TRex: Alas, I had no small bills. BUT I slipped 50 rubles to a guy who looked like an Eskimo/Inuit standing next the the ticket window in the metro the other day. And because I gave him 50, I gave 50 to the Babushka at the bottom of the escalator on that same trip. But I was prepped.

TRex said...

You are an example to us all (doffs cap).

Anonymous said...

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