Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm in the Lead!

At least for the moment. Thanks to everyone who has been voting for me. Here's the link again.

New Cat Update: While Crooky is cute, she has hygiene issues. I've had to clean klingons off her little behind twice in two days now. I'm sure it is a common issue with longer-haired cats (and I have never owned a long-haired cat before). Possibly it is a result of not having time with Mama for sufficient training. Whatever the case, she is less welcome on beds and furniture than she once was. Not without Butt Inspection anyhow.

Original Cat Update: I offered Cat-O Sheba brand cat fud yesterday. This is cat fud that looks so nice, I would even consider eating it. Again, he did his burying-something-foul gesture and walked away. This is a cat who once hooked a slice of hot dog I had put in his dish and flipped it out in disdain. He just wants his crunchies. And a little plain yogurt now and then. Thank you.

Book Recommendation: Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana by Stephanie Elizondo Griest. I've only read the part about Moscow so far. And while it is slightly dated, it is also a very good description of life in Russia. Here is a link to the author's site with a description of this book.

Ice Update: Coincidentally, the Moscow News had this story about slippery streets last week. Apparently, City authorities had recommended elderly citizens "refrain from going out alone." I guess the buddy system isn't just for sharing a bottle of vodka.

Smut Update: While I hate to give this woman any more publicity, she is sort of like a bloody car crash: you can't help looking. I would also like to take this opportunity to deny rumors that I am her/she is me. I write much better sex scenes than she does. Unfortunately for you, I must wait until The Spouse and my mother are painlessly beamed up by aliens before I can share those writing samples with you here.


Jen said...

Who IS that woman?!
You are right though - you so desperately want to click far away but then it gets even more awful and then there's those blue polka dots and then...dear God, I need a good strong cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

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