Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let the Holidays Commence!

The question has been raised: what DO we Americans listen to at Christmas if we don't listen to those UK favorites?

What follows is a sample. I never said these were better. Just the devils we know.

And my personal favorite . . .sing along, with me!

Finally, I have to add this song. I had never even heard of this singer before Loyal Beetnik Katbat mentioned him in the Comments. Then I found a mention of him in The New Yorker on the same day. He's a friend of Lyle Lovett's. How have I never heard of him? The song epitomizes everything I miss about the US of A--the good, the bad, and the ugly.


katbat said...

gotta love burl ives! :-) I hadn't heard of the guy either - I first heard that song on my fav seattle radio station played by Dixie Chicks - last year or year before - and thought it was funny - very USA!

Anonymous said...

well, it is oficial. we and you do indeed listen to different christmas music. That is very very odd somehow.