Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, It's All Been Great

You really don't want to hear all the boring details of my 4th of July weekend. I'll just give you the highlights:

Family (Minus Any Drama)
BBQ (Pork Shoulder and Hamburgers/Hotdogs)
Swimming Pool
Ginormous Neighborhood Party Complete with Sparklers and Adults Blowing Things Up in the Driveway
Ice Cream
Weather Not Hot Enough for AC
Lots and Lots of Alcohol
Mosquito Bites and Banged Up Knees

Now that I type the list, it sounds like I was hanging out at the Kennedy compound, doesn't it?

Actually, while the weekend was momentous in its sheer blissfulness, today was a Very Important Milestone. The girls and their cousins and I were in Target. We were buying kid underwear and socks (among other things). There is chaos all around. In the middle of the chaos, Skittles leans into me and says, discreetly, "Can I ask you something?"

She has to repeat this several times before I realize she's talking to me.

"Sure, sweetie. Ask away."

"Can I have something like a bra?"

BLESS HER HEART! She was so brave to pipe up. I actually was thinking of broaching the subject with her since her uni-boob comment. She's not even 9, but it was not an inappropriate request.

We found her some little half-camisole sort of items with silly monkeys. Just the right mix of First Intimate Apparel Purchase and Funky-Cool Kid Stuff. 

I think she's sleeping in it. I know she put it on as soon as we got home.

It is cliche, I know, but all I can think is, "My little girl . . ."


valentina said...

Yeah 9 is just too damned young to start all of that...she is still playing with dolls for gods' sake and should be! Oh I yearn for her to be able to have more of her childhood... I'm sure you do too...

AS for the 4th it was about the same here. No block party , but Big Party here...Hot but not too hot... rainy but not pouring... But too wet to sit around the big table under the oak... Lots of beer and wine and pina coladas... Guacamole, hot bean dip and Turkish walnut/garlic spread.
Lots of Pita bread in all forms... Grilling steaks and lamb in the rain under the patio umbrella. Deviled eggs,
home grown broccoli and cukes, potato salad from fresh dug potatoes. None grown by me... fruit salad and peach pie... I did make 2 blackberry pies and Seth brought incredible things made on saltines with caramel and chocolate and toasted pecans... They were sinfully delicious...Has anyone heard of this before? It was totally new to me but will become part of my repertoire as soon as I can get the recipe!

We all forgot about the fireworks and so I have a bag of them that await the next occasion! Maybe when you come to visit?

Does anyone know, can gunpowder get stale? xov

Tina in CT said...

Your daughter is going to kill you when she finds out what you wrote in your blog!

Dolls and bras...strange bedfellows.

Poor kids, 9 and bra shopping.

I just read your comment on shingles on my daughter's blog. I'm very lucky that I had the shingles vaccine shot in Dec. as I have a mild case. Rash dried up and in a place that no one by my doctor will see. I'm very lucky not to have had it on my face as I've heard many people have had. When I had them as a teenager, they were on my chest and back. I'm much better but don't have all my oomph back yet so am still home from work. Thanks for asking.

Your 4th weekend sure was a lot more exciting than mine. The dog and my highlight was being out on the deck in the afternoons reading (I read while she chewed on her Kong or marrow bone.)

kate said...

Brave girl! And brave mama. Sniff.

katbat said...

sounds like fun!! my mom bought me a bra when I was 14 - out of pity, not necessity.

Susan said...

Oh, Kat, you still remember that?!?!?Sears, Clackamas Town Center, HOT day!!
I dont remember..........

Anonymous said...

Brittany sleeps in hers too. She also cried when I gave her the news with the exact same comment... "EVERY month?" No wonder our kids got along so well in Bratislava!!


Anonymous said...

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