Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beeting Around the Bush

What's new in the Ancestral Village, you ask?

Baboo started her week-long fencing workshop yesterday. The bad news: it's her and three twerpy little boys (honestly, they are all 7 years old). The good news: the instructor is one Anatolii Verulskii, former National Coach of Kyrgizstan. When I realized he is Russian and that his English is about as good as my Russian, I said to him in Russian, "I speak Russian, only a little bit."

Well. That just opened the floodgates, and he chattered at me and Baboo in non-stop, rapid-fire Russian until I made my escape. Of course, he thinks she's the Cat's Meow.

The class is every day this week from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. Someone was quite tuckered out after and morphed into Crank Monster last night. In fact, she was so unpleasant, she was banished to the bathroom for Hydrotherapy, but instead of embracing the soothing quality of the bath, she sat there and looked out the window, sulking until I pushed her to "TAKE A SHOWER, PLEASE." Then she slammed the bathroom door. Thrice.

Skittles and Cousin were advised to give her a wide berth. We'll see how she fares today.

I got up bright and early today and scampered over to my Pilates class. I sat there for a few minutes watching the two fellows in the class before mine until I realized there is no 8:00 a.m. Pilates on Tuesdays.


It is nice walking so early. It's cool and crisp and everyone is out walking nice dogs.

I made up for my mistake by going for a mid-day bike ride (just got back, in fact).

I was expecting no wildlife since it's, well, MID DAY. But I saw a lovely doe eating tender leaves and grass RIGHT on the path. And a little farther along I met Mama Doe and Spotted Fawn. Not like yesterday's Big Boys with Antler Racks. But still.

Oh, and while I am on the subject, I cannot get over how lovely Ohio smells. Not just along the bike path--although that is really good with the hot, dry meadow grass smells and the wet, leafy woodsy smells--but my own front yard smells great. It's quintessential Summer in Ohio smells.

In other news, if last summer was The Summer of the Ped Egg (a truly wonderful thing), this summer my SIL turned me on to this fabulous gadget. I do not own stock in either products, and no one has paid me to mention them. I'm just sharin'. Because here at The Beet, we're





valentina said...

So why do you think Baboo was so grouchy? Do you think she was just worn out or is he harsh? I hope she doesn't come back today grouchy too!

And what's with this REM thing? Does it REALLY work? It seems absurd! And it is too expensive for something that doesn't work!!

Lucky you, bonding with Mother Nature left and right!! Yes Ohio smells wonderful most all year round. It is something I really appreciate about living here!

Thanks for the tips and keep on writing! xov

Susan said...

So nice your enjoying home. I always associate things with smells. I always have:)
I love the way my yard smells on a summer morning.

kate said...

Does it hurt?

Anonymous said...

you are soooooooo prolific. admiration and jealousy eminating from here. just can't seem to get my engines running to write anything, although I have an inspiration every other day. you got DISCIPLINE babe.

I'm sure Ohio smells nicer than BA Nove Mesto ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. except when I'm baking....:-) janetka

janetka said...

don't know why I chose anonymous, reflex, I guess...

The Expatresse said...

Kate: Your mileage may vary. I probably have a high tolerance for pain given I willingly have had my underarms waxed (and more than once) and have given birth without drugs. That said, I think having my eyebrows plucked is the most painful sensation around. So when I say the REM gadget is "okay" on the pain scale, you have some context. Maybe.

Janetka: You have the chocolate factory there in BA Nove Mesto. That smells pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

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