Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She's So Cold Like an Ice Cream Cone

Current Temperature: A very balmy -6C
Snow: Um, yeah. Non-stop since about 2:00 this afternoon.

I would be humming "We're havin' a heat wave . . . a tropical heat wave . . ." if it weren't for the snow that suddenly started this afternoon.

It was in the -20C range over the weekend. I, wisely, remained inside most of the weekend, except for an hour on Sunday when The Spouse and I dragged ourselves to the bank, the pet supply store (to buy what a dear friend refers to as "shitty-kitty"), and the grocery store. Everyone has been sick, and it was a good excuse to hibernate indoors. Not that we ever do much more on the weekends anyhow. Just this time there was not even a smidgen of guilt.

It's a fun bug, with a painful, unproductive cough that no drug, NO DRUG can lessen. Made all the more annoying by the fact I wet my pants every other time I cough. Worse than the unfortunate Trampoline Incident of 2002. I tell you, Midge, I am kegeling my brains out here. I ought to be able open a beer bottle by now. Why can't I cough with confidence? Why?

On to prettier thoughts. Below is a picture of the window in the door in our bedroom. This is the interior door (most Moscow doors and windows are double). The room was toasty warm . . . or I was in and out of fever/chill cycles all weekend and didn't attribute temperature changes to the environment. I was not so delirious that I couldn't see that the pattern in the frost was lovely.

Today the water guy arrived with our delivery of drinking water. It was early (between 8:00 and 9:00 . . . they start delivering at 8:00) and the bottles of water were partially frozen. A first for me, actually.

Can you see it in the photos?

Today was one of those odd Mercredi Liberés (Free Wednesdays). Both girls were home, and I had a mission: Clean Their Room.

I announced my plans yesterday. Since the girls had no school and The Spouse's workday does not technically begin until 10:00, we could have a more leisurely morning. He was fed and gone by the time the water guy arrived. I told the girls that we could relax until 10:30, but then we were going to be cleaning demons with lunch at the pizzeria across the street as our reward.

We commenced cleaning on schedule at 10:30. We stopped at 1:30 with 95% of the work done. We changed sheets, picked up clothes, straightened bookshelves, threw away junk, filed magazines, dusted every flat surface (including under the bed), vacuumed, and wiped up paint spills. It was dirty, sweaty work, but their room looks (and smells) right pleasant now.

We went to lunch.

Then we went to the grocery store.

As we left the grocery store with our purchases, I said to the girls, "This is pretty much what I do while you are at school, you know. Minus the nice lunch out."

Baboo says, "I hate your life."

Skittles says, "See . . . this is why I am going to GET A JOB."



altadenahiker said...

Love that top picture. Looks like cut crystal. Don't get much of that out my way.

Luna said...

Ingrates! :)

MoscowMom said...

LOVE the girls' comments! My kids have NO idea how much work it is to do our errands/clean our house/cook/do laundry, etc... Even though I'm working full time and have help, I *still* seem to spend almost every spare moment doing housework :-) It never ends!

Doesn't it feel SO GOOD when the kids' room is organized and clean? I had my kids' room looking so great -- until we came back with boxes of more stuff after Christmas! Now I need to reorganize and do some more purging...

We've had frozen groceries/water before... Better that than when they're spoiled in the summer b/c of the terrible heat!

TRex said...

You should use the pump for your water bottles. Sez I. Also!

valentina said...

HI, well this is the 2nd time I have tried to post this so we'll see if it works...

I am happy to know you are raising good feminists! It is hard work making them realize how hard work is I'm sure! How wonderful that Skittles can bake a cake by herself and clean up! And that Baboo will actually vacuum! That they both will is AMAZING!! Soon they will discover the possibility of allowances!

Now if you can get them to alternate cat box cleaning days. If it is cleaned every day, even with 2 cats it is not too bad. But every day is the key!

I am excited about that new little girl kitty coming tomorrow! Have you got a name settled on or are you waiting to become more familiar with her and her personality? I of course like long names like Valentina della Notte or Sugar la Puss. Sugar la Puss is now up for grabs...or Sucre la Puss!
Amore is a lovely little name too. Or Due ( Doo eh) instead of Primo.
Or Gattina. Anyhow keep us posted.

My Big Boy Orlando is outside for a change although he is probably sitting next to the front door. I just went out for the mail and he did not come in. Valentina went out for about 30 seconds. She is smart and came right back in. It is pretty cold here, about 25.

I have a class of 25 midterm essays on Medieval Renaissance lit to read but I actually like reading them. I like hearing what my students have to I had best get started on them!

Wait until Skittles discovers that work outside the home is still work and that then the housework is still waiting!! Unless you have a house husband or a house keeper or both!

I hope you are all over that Plaguey thing and are staying safe and warm! xov

Annie said...

Oh, my.....that sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! Nothing is worse than working all day and coming home to a dirty, mussy house!

I love the frost on the window photo!

Anonymous said...

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