Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humor the Proud New Owner

So the blog has (temporarily) turned into Grandma's Brag Book. I'm very sorry. Bear with me just a little longer. A vigilant Beet-nik specially requested more cat pix, and who was I to refuse?

Here is the little angel with Cat-O. Look! They're sleeping together in the Cat Chair! Awww. So cute!

Here's a pretty good shot of The Tail. It's a riot, this tail.

Today, I opened a pouch of that smelly Cat Fud. I divided it between two bowls and offered each cat its own bowl.

Crooky ate hers.

Cat-O smelled his. Then he began to paw at the floor near the bowl. As if he were in the cat box. Burying.

He's done this before when he has inadvertently tracked poo from the box to some other part of the house. He realizes something smells BAD, and makes as if he were burying it. It's a dead give away for me that I need to look carefully and see what needs to be cleaned up.

So when he did it next to his bowl of Cat Fud in a Pouch, well, I guess it really does taste as good as it smells.



Tina in CT said...

So cute that the kitten curled up to sleep next to the big cat. Pets are great.

Luna said...

Oh Oh Oh!! So adorable!! I guess they're starting to get along, hu??
Although, maybe . . . just maybe . . . Cat-O was trying to tell you the newcomer stinks? :)

So glad everyone's getting along!

valentina said...

She is too young to have become finicky yet! It is great that they get along! How wonderful is that!? My cat Valentina does that scratchy thing near her cat bowl too. She'll do it when she's eating something she loves...She will also take bites from her bowl and eat them off of the floor instead of from her bowl. Mimi says she has seen her cats do it also. It isn't related to the cat box behavior, or to something not being tasty. Just a weird little cat behavior. Orlando never does is but is a pickier eater than she is...To think they were both strays on the street and are now totally spoiled eaters!! Stupid me...xxov

Anonymous said...

My cat used to do this trick where he thought that if he didn't eat any of his real food, he would force us to feed him treats all the time. He would scratch and paw and then turn up his nose and push the bowl away -- like, "you expect me to eat THIS??"

I miss Alfie.

You're cats seem to be doing great, although Crooky seems a little nervous still. Bless it's little cotton socks.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh... I just noticed an erroneous apostrophe in my post.

That's going to irritate me for days.

Anonymous said...

She has that timid and guilty while sleeping with Cat-O as if she were an illegal immigrant on his territory ;-)

Oh tell me, experienced cat-lovers-owners, how do I bring a kitten into my flat? I'm so scared it will rip it into pieces the second it gets out of my vigilant sight...

Anonymous said...

*timid and guilty look - in the previous comment

The Expatresse said...

jkatze: Abandon all hope of furniture. Mine is in shreds. Thankfully, most of it is from IKEA.

I do have a cat scratching thing . . . made from cardboard . . . that I brought back from this US last summer. Cat-O ignores it, but Crooky loves it and uses it!

Cat-O rejected Sheba brand cat food a few minutes ago. And did the digging/burying gesture again. He does NOT like anything but kibble. Once, I gave him a slice of hot dog, and he hooked it with his claw and removed it from his dish.

Anonymous said...

Expatresse: scratching things are designed for scratching - this is the core reason they have no interest in them whatsoever :)

Anonymous said...

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