Monday, May 25, 2009

Banya Was a Wash

Sadly, my Banya Companion suffered, yet again, a conflict, so we had to cancel today's outing. The End of the School Year Chaos overtook her. She was most regretful and contrite. I'm sure we'll get around to it in September when everyone is back.

The Russians are basically done with school. Friday, they celebrated Posledny Zvonok or "Last Bell." This is the time of year when the high school senior girls wear those funny pinafores, reminiscent of their early elementary school days. I'm told they buy these the way we buy graduation caps and gowns: through dealers who come to the schools and NOT through the sex toy shops as I had originally been told. Whew.

This web site has pictures from Friday. In fact, they often have cool stuff. If you don't look at the More Ways to Waste Time (But Worth It, I Swear!) column to the right, you're missing out. I put these links there for myself, actually.

The French school soldiers on. July 2 is the last day of school. We're not even sticking around that long.

My dinner party went just fine. I had peel-and-eat shrimp for a starter (from the Sedmoy Continent . . . already cooked and not bad at all) and a faux rumaki with prunes and bacon. The main course was Ina Garten's Parmesan Chicken followed by cheese course and then her Brownie Pudding for dessert. The chicken wasn't dry at all, although I probably baked the dessert just a hair too long: I would have preferred it wetter inside, although it was moist. I'll make that again.

Yesterday was Spay Day for Crooky. The vet picked her up yesterday morning. I should get her back tonight. It seems like a long time for her to be away, but I suppose it keeps Cat-O from jumping on her right after surgery.

In other news, the washing machine






Tina in CT said...

Your dinner menu sounds tons better than my leftover Chinese take-out after a long day of gardening while being eaten alive by knats (even though I wore Deep Woods Off).

Your washing machine has it in for you!

Ask my daughter about her cat's spaying.

Jule 2nd for last day of school! Boy, that is late after starting on Sept. 1.

I'm off to another day of planting perennials and weeding and being eaten by knats.

Margarita said...

I laughed on the subject of about school dresses and sent the abstract to my male colleagues. I imagine it could be their preferred joke and definitely among their fantasies.

kate said...

GROAN about the washing machine!! No fun.

Glad your cat will be returned to you conscious!

valentina said...

Dinner sounds yummy and I'm sure it was lovely!

Very sad about the washer...

Will be nice to have Crooky back in your nest...

Very LONG school year!

Those tarty grad outfits kill me! The one on the boys shoulders was smart to wear flats! The other poor things have sore feet.

BTW. So glad yours don't hurt today! Do you think swimming helps them?

Will be so happy to have you home here in July! xov

Rabbit blogger said...


just found your blog by way of MDBIT....

i really appreciate your sense of humor. it's a breath of fresh air.

your fellow expat

Annie said...

I hope you don't mind my jumping into your blog occasionally....just a slavophile here. We were memorabley in Suzdal for Last Bell the year we adopted Sergei. I am so glad it wasn't as startlingly depraved as a few of those photos! In fact, it was sweetly innocent (well, we were there mid-day....can't say about later), but the kids in their suits and black and white, apparently have a tradition of walking around the monastery grounds... and were doing so appropriately and joyfully for the 2-3 hours we were there.

Sorry about the washing machine; mine is doing the same thing - front loader?

Anonymous said...

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