Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And ANOTHER Thing!

Could not, for the life of us, figure out why The Spouse's mother had not thanked us for her Mother's Day Tribute yet. I mean, c'mon. Surely her flowers were delivered on Saturday!

Sunday: nothing.

Monday: still nothing.

Maybe Grandma has died, we start to wonder. She's dealing with the funeral. But surely, someone else in the family would have called.

Internet issues? Possibly.

Maybe the lousy florist lost the order. Unlikely, however, as it's a small town, and they know us.

The Spouse finally calls her yesterday afternoon. Did you get your flowers, he asks.

His mother informs him that, no, she did not receive any flowers. But since he ordered them for Mother's Day, they'll probably come in time for Mother's Day. Which, in the US, is NEXT Sunday.


We'll this is what happens when you live in the Twilight Zone. Russian Women's Day is in March. UK Mother's Day, which we would see ads for on TV, is in the fall sometime, I think.

I swear, I thought Mother's Day was the first Sunday in May.

I had been cursing the nerve of FTD as they kept sending me email reminders about ordering flowers for Mother's Day.

"Good God, people!" I kept thinking every time I saw another email. "It's over. OVER! Move on."

My mother, to her credit, said "Thank you so much," and never batted an eye about my being a week early.


kate said...

Oh. My. Gosh!

A friend was flying back to the US for a conference last Thursday and asked when Mother's Day was. I assured her over and over that is was last Sunday. I knew because I'd seen Hallmark commercials. Trust me, it was last Sunday.

Figured out this morning I was wrong.

Glad I'm not alone...

Tina in CT said...

I'll be in Moscow for our US Mother's Day, May 10th.

It's the thought that counts for the flowers for your MIL.

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