Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Star Is Born? Errr, Maybe Not

Just a little preview from my experience with the Russia Today crew yesterday. The show is called Moscow Out, and will air Friday, January 30.

I volunteered to do this. This episode is titled "Moscow in the Cold," and I was the guest. The show has also covered ballet and opera, winter sports, palaces, dating and Valentine's Day, Russian cinema, the local airports, and so on. I don't know how I got matched to this particular topic, but it was fine by me.

The crew picked me up around 1:00 in the afternoon. First, they took me to an ice sculpture park off Prospekt Mira. The funny thing about this place is that, for someone who doesn't really get out all that much, the entrance to the park involves walking through the lobby of a building that also has a restaurant where I sat and had drinks on Saturday night. But on Saturday I had no idea this garden was behind the building. Had never been there before, and now I've been there twice in one week.

Note: I'm wearing The New Coat.

This path featured ice sculptures in an "Around the World" theme. There was an Eiffel Tower, a Leaning Tower of Pisa, Copenhagen's Little Mermaid, the Statue of Liberty . . . that sort of thing.

Then we went over to Patriarch's Pond. I do like this area. And the light became so golden and lovely. This is a completely staged shot of me talking to Martyn, the host of the show. We did it just so I could have a photo.

No Zamboni. Just a guy on a tractor with a plow and a giant brush. But the surface of the pond is smooth enough for skating if you BYO skates.

There will be a YouTube video available once the episode is finished. In the meantime, I found this one which gives you an idea of what the show is like. The list of museums is interesting and there is even a bit about the ice sculpture park that was filmed at night with pretty colored lights. We didn't get to see it that way since we were there during the day.


TRex said...

The ice sculpture park off Prospekt Mira sounds like the old BP Gardens. It’s not bad in the summer, just duck in from the street and you’re in a refreshing botanical garden although it’s not what it was. Some art displays in the summer as well..

Patriarch's Pond is also close to were I live so it’s familiar. Glad to see you had fun! You should have gone to the VDNH and had a brandy at the Armenian Pavilion with the crew for afters.

Hope you get the Youtube link.

Luna said...

Why is your coat so much better looking than mine??? I have a down brown coat (mine's a bit longer)--but, as you know, I look like a total absolute dork in mine. You don't look like you're wearing a sleeping bag!! I'm very jealous.

The ice sculpture garden looks great!

Hope to see you on youtube! (even if it will take me half a day for it to stream along on to my computer.)

Tina in CT said...

I'll be looking forward to watching it on YouTube when you post about it.

You're a new celebrity.

TRex said...

What happened, you got edited? Call your "roof" (Duma member) right now and complain!

The Expatresse said...

No, no, don't worry . . . this isn't my episode. It's just a sample one. I was looking for one with a guy I met that fateful Saturday night, but I didn't see his up yet.

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