Monday, October 12, 2009

In the News Today

. . . was this chick with the potty mouth.

They didn't even use the shots with the freaking Kindle that I dragged out in the pouring rain for this shoot. Why would a reader of this article want to look at me?

Do you like the scarf? I purposely wore the scarf so you, Loyal Reader, could see my new scarf from Suzdal.  I'm practically sleeping in it, it feels so soft.

The story behind the story is that on Friday I saw a posting on one of the expat forums here in Moscow asking if anyone used a Kindle. I replied and had a chat on the phone with the reporter. He asked if I would mind being in a photo.

Me? Mind? I live for the spotlight.

Okay, then, he says. Can I get someone to take a picture of me and my Kindle in some particularly Russian-y place like, oh say, Red Square. By Monday.

Um . . . doubts.

Today some nice woman from the paper calls and asks would I be willing to meet their photographer, Vladimir.

Sure. When?


Okaaaaay . . .  guess that means I better turn off the oven and put on some pants (the heat is on now, so as soon as I get home it's Pajama Time here Chez Beet).

Off I go to meet Vladimir-Who-Speaks-No-English outside the Metro. But not a problem. Vladimir is a Thinker and quickly suggests we go to a cafe called Bookcafe, which is right around the corner from both the Metro and Chez Beet. Which is nice for me because I've never gone in there. Until today. And it is very cool.

The photo in the article is the result.

I'm not sure why the editors picked this one. Vlad took lots of shots of me pretending to read my (battery-depleted) Kindle. Don't worry. I've since charged it again (I've been reading An Echo in the Bone in Real Book form, so the Kindle has stayed in a drawer, safe from CATS who might knock it on the floor).

Anyhow, just call me the Publicity Junkie. Too bad I didn't get to plug the blog.


Fahrenheit 350° said...

What a bummer! Happy SITS sitsa!

Tina in CT said...

You're going to be famous with all the coverage you're getting.

I brought over a Kindle in May that my daughter bought her husband for his birthday. They all use it.

Ex-Expatress said...

Seriously nice hair. I love my Kindle - it saved me in Mokba

MoscowMom said...

That's so cool, Amanda! And how funny that they picked THAT quote for you... I have yet to use our Kindle, but Chris doesn't go anywhere without it...

In any case, it's WAY cheaper to "go Kindle" than to give up that luggage space for heavy books...

Margarita said...

Today I dropped to Coffee House to have some breakfast and guess what - there was The Moscow News with your photo.

Kugo said...

Uh, where's the kindle in the picture? I kind of want one but the feel and smell and texture of books...oh how I would miss that. I like the picture!

The Expatresse said...

Kugo: THAT's what *I* thought. Where's the freakin' Kindle? He took a million pictures of me "reading" it. Maybe the editor thought this was the best shot is all I can think.

I really, REALLY want the guy's camera: a Nikon D3. Ahhhhhh. Just the thing if you have $5000 burning a hole in your pocket. Probably not including lenses.

jkatze said...

I like the picture.