Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sail Cat, Very Flat!

I don't know how to draw on my photos. But notice in the photo below that the window is double, and that the top parts open.

In an attempt to capture those pesky pigeons that sit outside and torment her, Crooky leaped from the CD player up there this morning. Where she teetered with her front paws on the outermost window frame and her back paws on the innermost one.

Only her tail was still in the kitchen.

Which I grabbed.

And pulled her back inside.

That would have been fun trying to explain to the children over breakfast. I would have to use my father's method:

"All of you with a cat, step forward."

"Oh. Not you."

In a New Topic: Did I explain about the latest doctor visit? The one where we determined Skittles had three NEW cavities (she averages 2-3 each visit), and I am a lousy mother?

This came about because I scheduled appointments for the girls and me to have our teeth cleaned. And, at the same time, I scheduled an appointment for myself with the General Practitioner to discuss why I am so damn itchy ALL THE TIME and what, if anything, I can do about my plantar fasciitis.

But that plan got scuttled because Skittles had headaches every single day last week (no doubt triggered by a massive drop in pressure). So I gave her my appointment.

We talked to the doctor about what we can do to treat her headache pain because although Advil (ibuprofen) works really well on the headache, it upsets her stomach. Last spring she developed a small ulcer even from it.

So the doctor gave me something she can take with the Advil to protect her stomach as well as an alternative drug called Efferalgan (a French paracetamol that effervesces like Alka-Seltzer). And asked about how much exercise Skittles gets.

"She walks to and from school every day . . ." I said as the doctor shook her head. Okay, once I explained how long the walk is, she conceded slightly.

"But it's not aerobic. What does she do to get sweaty?" she asked.

Bloody little.

"How about horseback riding?"


She actually suggested HORSEBACK RIDING! Here? In Moscow? I mean, I know people who do it, but these are people with cars/drivers and much richer lifestyles than I will ever have here.

Horseback riding. I don't get to go fucking horseback riding. And I'm the one who is actually into it.

She suggested a swimming pool then, and it seems reasonably priced, although it could be more reasonably located for my taste. I mean, it's do-able, but the thought of dragging swim suits, goggles, and towels for three (because she can't go by herself) to the pool after school twice a week and then dragging all that and two tired and cranky kids who still have to do homework back on the Metro during rush hour . . .

Maybe my glass is half empty and I'm making it more difficult than it is. But I returned home after the appointment and just cried because I couldn't provide my kids a nice way to get sweaty a few times a week here in Moscow.

Then I had a brainstorm.

Yeah, they both have these at home in the US. But we aren't in the US 10 months of the year. And yeah, Moscow isn't scooter-able for a good part of those 10 months. But it is now.

One of the few good things about Moscow is that you can get anything delivered. The Spouse ordered two scooters via the Internet on Thursday. And I accepted deliver this morning.

Baboo and I scootered over to Starlite Diner to meet The Spouse and a very surprised Skittles.

It is certainly aerobic. And lots of fun.

We may need another scooter. Maybe two.


Jen said...

Great solution!
Looking forward to reading Scooter Adventures.

Poor Skittles :(

hka said...

Never, ever take the kids horseback riding here. I'll tell you about our adventures at the banya.
But on the other hand, we could jointly try to find a swimming class for Saturdays for all the girls.

valentina said...

FABULOUS! I know Baboo is thrilled and I am sure Skittles must be too! And I had thought you meant those little electric scooters and didn't understand how that could be much exercise but these are the old fashioned push and hop kind which will be great!

I must say I laughed so loudly at your Father's "Everyone with a cat step forward. Not you!" that my cats trilled and came in to my office to see what I was up to!

That Crooky is too brave for her own good! So do you think moving the CD player will keep her out of the window? Maybe you could just give her a nice snack of chicken skin which would certainly taste better than those pesky pigeons!? Has she been fixed yet or is that impending? You have spent a lot of time at docs lately.

I sure hope this helps Skittles' migraines. If Advil helps can't she take it with some toast and peanut butter so it's not in her stomach alone and a glass of milk with or without some cookies might not hurt either?

How can you ever get over your plantar fasciitis when you have to walk so much?
Maybe you could get yourself an electric scooter?! xov

Susan said...

One of the things the kids brought when the came to Mowcow was their scooter. They enjoy them so much. They had to give up their bikes:(
They "scoot" all over the place.
I had orthodics made for my feet and that took care of the plantar faciitis. I was ready to have my foot amputated it hurt so bad!

Tina in CT said...

What about joining a health club as everyone could use the gym and swim?

My daughter has similar windows and they only open the inner one. The cats love to jump up and then down between the windows to snooze. When they've had enough, they jump back up to the small open window and then back into the room.

That is horrible about your daughter's headaches.

You order things and have them delivered? My daughter never has done but waits until she is home to visit in the US. You actually receive what you ordered?

kate said...

Still picturing your cat perched on the top window...

Glad you've got quick, reliable delivery service. That sounds magical to me.

Hey--how 'bout a mini trampoline for winter months?

The Expatresse said...

Re: pigeons. it's just one of those primal things. There are pigeons on the window sills and this makes the cats wild. They don't even perch on MY windowsills.

Susan: funny you mention amputation. I say that all the time. it's the most awful, burning pain. And I gave birth without drugs!

Tina: I joined a health club so I can swim, but for the family it would cost about $10,000/year. I can bring the kids to my gym pool for 1000 rubles each kid/each visit. Too much. This other pool the dr. mentioned was 200 rubles per person per visit.

I ordered the scooters on line through Well, actually, The Spouse did it. Russian websites are very good. But it's COD. You can't pay with a credit card.

Tina in CT said...

Email my daughter as the health club in their neighborhood is great and much, much less money. It might not be feasible for you if you are in another section of the city though.

Her girls need new scooters so perhaps she can order from where you did.

Anonymous said...

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