Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Not Easter Yet (Not Here, Anyhow)

It's not.

Russian Orthodox Easter is next weekend. Now, I thought Lent started at the same time as Maslenitsa (the blini festival week), but it seems that happens the week before Russian Orthodox Lent begins (as opposed to the day before). I don't think the concept of Ash Wednesday exists here either, but what do I know? Drop a comment if you are better versed on the topic than I am.

Now, in some parts of Moscow, the Easter Bunny was organized. I am seriously impressed.

Chez Beet, he wasn't so on the ball. In fact, EB had a difficult time finding much of anything, although his provisioning was limited to what was available at the Sedmoi Continent grocery stores. He didn't even look in the boxes in my bedroom for the sad, crumpled, handle-less baskets that have been passed off as Easter baskets Chez Beet, lo these many years abroad. With the same tired Easter grass I have recycled for, oh, maybe the last six or seven years . . . Because you don't generally see what you and I would call Easter baskets or Easter basket grass on offer in the shops in Eastern Europe.

So each girl got a giant chocolate egg. They have now had them over 24 hours and have not yet even opened the boxes. I can't believe the self-restraint.

And lots of these gorgeous Russian chocolates. Two of my personal favorites are below. Not only are they beautifully wrapped, they taste pretty darn good, too. I especially love the four little bears.

And gummi bears. Since they like gummi bears. And I don't particularly. So there is little risk I will eat them.

All artfully arranged on a plate. Because it was late and EB was tired.

Maybe Orthodox EB will do a better job.


valentina said...

Oh what a good EB you are despite the absence of baskets and grass. Chocolates in fancy little wrappers and those lovely huge eggs, I'd say they were well cared for! Hoppy Easter and the world is awake again as spring has really arrived! xov

Annie said... I am in the good ol' USA, with stores and marketing galore, and a curmudgeonly spirit (as a result? maybe)

Anyway, we have never had Easter baskets in the ordinary way. Rather, I go throw wrapped chocolate eggs wildly around some grassy spot (our yard, the yard at the church where I work, or my mom's yard), always hiding a few or putting some in clever hiding spots, like trees, for example...and then everyone takes their basket... I cry "On your mark, get set, go!" and they are off!

Usually, only Anastasia whines about not getting enough and I'll give her some extras to even it out.

How I wish I'd thought ahead to buy some Russian candies for them!

I have to say, though, reading your blog and Tamara's....working at a church is a greater impediment to preparing nice celebrations for your family than living abroad. Or, it is when you are no more organized than I am!

So, we DO, actually, celebrate "Russian Easter" too....just so I can get my act together a little better.

Luna said...

OH!! Love the bears! They're yummy. Did you know that they're called pigeon toed bears? I've inspected the wrapper closely, but have found no evidence fo that see no evidence of that. :)

Tina in CT said...

The EB at your house needs to do what the EB at Tamara's house does. The US grandma shops the day after Easter and Valentine's Day for the sale candy and saves it for the EB to pick up on his way to the Russian apt. on the holidays. The US grandma will be shopping for marked down candy today after work.

Looks like the EB did end up doing a good job at your house though. Beautiful chocolate bunny he left.

MoscowMom said...

Thanks for the flattery you tossed our bunny :-) For a few years our bunny brought those same delicious Russian chocolates :-) I think he did just fine chez Beet! And what a fun weekend you all had, too!

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