Monday, March 16, 2009

Local Flavor

Talk about catering to your market. Those crazy Lay's people. I just had to buy these and see what they taste like.

On the left, obviously, is "red caviar" flavor ("krasnaya ikra"). On the right is "shashlik" flavor although, even up close, the cubes of meat on the package look like, well, hooves. There. I said it.

In the interest of accurate reporting, I tasted the caviar chips. They taste like butter. And I don't like them. Although I love butter.

You would think that butter + potatoes would be a great mix. And, I must point out that on the package the dish of caviar is garnished with a curl of butter. Because usually caviar is served on buttered bread.

So I would think the chips would taste like salt and butter.

Which they do.

But not in a good way.

At least they are not fishy.

I expected the shashlik flavored chips to have a barbecue flavor. But instead of that spicy flavor Americans tend to associate with barbecue-flavored chips, these taste like meat. Salty, powdered meat. I know that sounds disgusting, but they are actually rather good. Can't say I will buy these again, but it will not be so difficult finishing this bag.

The children, by the way, were totally disappointed in the chip flavors when The Spouse and I revealed the snacks we purchased for them. Ingrates.

On an unrelated, but highly relevant topic, I'm in a weird limbo, waiting to see how long, exactly, the beet will go on. Economic crisis and all. Should know more later today. I'll post news when I have it. Might have to re-title the blog "The Beet Goes Home."


hka said...

really, that serious now?
where did you buy the chips?

The Expatresse said...

The chips came from my regular grocery store. Since I don't buy a lot of chips, I can't say if they are always there or not. The Spouse noticed them. I was going to just take a photo with my phone, but I can't download anything off my cheap-o phone, so I bought the chips instead.

Jen said...

Oh dear :(
And just when you've found meat chips too.

PS We had gravy chips here awhile ago - I was quite excited by the thought of them but they tasted disappointingly like a blend of chicken and barbeque.
Pepper steak chips though - now you're talking.

Tina in CT said...

Where exactly is home? Would it be a bad thing for you to move back to the US? Just think, you'd be in a house, have your own car to drive, a yard, easy shopping and available babysitters.

The Expatresse said...

Home is Ohio. Yes, all that would be great. What worries me most (aside from a lack of income) is buying health insurance if not provided through an employer.

Tami said...

Sorry about the job limbo. We certainly know what that's like around here. Shad went back to Kansas this weekend to not only to check on the house, but to talk to his former employers to see if his old job is available. The main reason we're thinking about going back is for the health insurance. Darn this economy!
But hey! At least you have the chips! :)

valentina said...

WEll once again my post didn't post...

I am imagining the stress of limbo is difficult as much as we'd all love to have you home with us. We are all bound to our jobs by our health insurance, those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs AND health insurance. Hopefully there will be some nat'l health care so if you can just hang in there until then, but who knows if and when that will actually get implemented. I suppose the girls are happy with French school which they'd miss here...

As for the chips, they sound pretty awful... like you didn't have great expectations anyhow... Now I could get behind chocolate flavored or caramel or peanut butter...or even pecan or hazel nut...But NOOOOO they don't try those... Stupid Lays!!

I will cease this rant and sign off. Your blog is always interesting and often funny so keep it up!
We are all in your corner and voting! xov

hexe said...

Beef/Hoof flavored chips? A novel concept - wonder how well they actual sell?

Hope all the job uncertainity works out.

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