Monday, January 5, 2009


Temperature in Moscow: -12C
Currently Reading: Inkheart. Great fun. I highly recommend it. I finished Twilight this morning, which was also fun (vampires, teenage lust . . . what's not to like?).

I was sitting in the airplane on the way back from England, and the guy in front of me was reading a Russian magazine. The title was ВОЯЖ, which means voyage. Sound it out if you can read Cyrillic. But it looked like BORK to me. If I had known this word when I started this blog, I would have called the blog BORK.

I got the DVD of Mamma Mia for Christmas, but I haven't watched my copy. I doubt I ever will, actually. We didn't have time before we went to England. There, the children watched it and listened to the soundtrack non-stop. It got to be so much a part of the fabric of the week that we began to play a game: What ABBA Song Are You Currently Humming?

It was a riot. We'd be sitting at a meal, and I would ask, "What song are you humming?" We'd go around the table:

"Dancing Queen."

"Money, Money, Money."

"Super Trouper."

Sometimes there was an odd one like "Voulez-Vous."

Often it was "Lay All Your Love On Me."

I recommend it as a game. But now I think I can't watch my movie.

It was one of my Christmas presents. I asked for it. I also asked for a purse-size calendar book. The Spouse, dutifully, tried to buy me one. It's a little big for the purse I'm currently carrying. But worse, it has no dates written in. I mean, you have to write the date at the top of each page. Makes it very difficult to determine if I am free on February 21. He had no idea when he bought it as the little book was shrink wrapped. He was as vexed as I was.

He made up for it with a lovely birthday present, however. We were in Cornwall, England. He went into St. Ives (Yeah, that St. Ives. As in "As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives . . .) without me one day. St. Ives is an artists' colony with lots of galleries and shops. He found this necklace, which, after I went to St. Ives and looked in a lot of the shops, seemed to me to be the very item I would have bought for myself. It has Cornish granite (I was always a rock hound) and a freshwater pearl.

I like it.


TRex said...

Borkborkbork!...hahahah...*cough*ahem! Sorry about that, a Swedish Chef moment.

Luna said...

Your birthday??? I had no idea!! Happy belated b-day, my friend!

The necklace is very nice. :)

Miss you.

Luna said...

About the Twilight thing . . . stepdaughter was here over Xmas and brought books 1, 3, and 4. Had to download 2 and read on the computer. Also downloaded 4 and finished it after she left. No comparison to Anne Rice's series but still, good mind numbing entertainment!!

Tina in CT said...

I watched Momma Mia the other night (rented at the grocery store). Cute movie but Pierce Bosnan (sp) can't sing but he sure makes up for it in the looks department.

Happy belated birthday. Pretty necklace!

Yes, I'm Tamara's mother.

Anonymous said...

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