Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Which I Am a Prude

The following links annoy me because my reaction to them renders me a prude. ME!

These are typical Russian high school students celebrating graduation with the traditional costumes and rituals.

Here is another page on the same blog.

And here is the link I first found, which set me off on the quest to figure out what, exactly, is going on here. I am told that no one wears these French maid costumes to school anymore, but that this was the school uniform during the communist era. Now they are retro-cool. And, I am told, only available in sex shops. Duh-oh.


Lisababe said...

Good God - are 90% of the teenaged girls in Russia freakin' gorgeous, or is that just me?? These photos look like a magazine shoot!!!

valentina said...

OH I have known you for 25 years and you are NO prude nor am I. I grew up with mini skirts and free love. But these teenagers all look so trashy!

Nor are they particularly gorgeous to me. Many look fairly vapid. And what's with those Puffy Minnie Mouse nylon net scrubby behind the ear things??? Are they supposed to be attractive?? I see they coordinate with those white nylon knee high socks!! Oh and the gold lame strappy sandals!

I concur that many are lovely and spirited and vivacious but unfortunately the slutty ones steal the show!

They sure don't look like a generation of rocket scientists!

But I guess we didn't either...


miamibob said...

Looks like kids fooling around and having a good time to me. Of course, here in the good old repressive US of A those costumes would have gotten a student tossed out of the party. Zero tolerance, you know.

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