Thursday, December 25, 2008


Oh, when you let French people pick the music, weird things happen. There is no decent French rock you know. Who was I having this discussion with recently?

Anyhow, at our Christmas Eve dinner last night, I was introduced to Laurent Voulzy.

This is what you get:

Apparently this was a huge hit for this guy.


Anonymous said...

That clip should come with a warning.
I feel somehow violated.
Still, you're always cutting edge, young lady :)

Merry Chrissie from Aus! Jen

TRex said...

I was born there, it's still a mystery to me.

BlueMidnight said...

Wow. Hope the food was good at least.

RealEstateFeast-South Florida real estate blog said...

Very strange. Very full of very serious copyright violations. Knock knock, it's The Beatles' legal team.

Our Christmas this year was spent traveling from Miami, FL to Carmel, CA. Left Miami at 2:30 PM Eastern and got to bed in Carmel at 1 AM Pacific (4 AM my time). Crazy. Miami-Houston-San Jose then car from San Jose to Carmel. Very nice here, though. As I type I'm looking out over the porch on a clear blue day in sixty degree weather at the Pacific ocean in the distance. Dinner out and a fire in the fireplace on the strenuous schedule tonight.

Anonymous said...

I showed my husband and he pointed me to La Fédération Française de Fonck. Not sure if this link will work, but they're a bit like Living Colour:


Anonymous said...

PS. The link was fine in the preview but was somehow shortened when published. Just put them in on Facebook anyway and you'll see quite a good clip.

Expat said...

Well, I enjoyed it....I speak French now so I understood it, and I enjoyed hearing all those old American songs added in (I've been out of America for 17 years now). I didn't really like HIM, but I did think he was a pretty good musician, and it was a good medly.

Expat 21
"Expat Abroad"

Anonymous said...

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