Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Which I Go Shopping

Today we went out to the Izmaylovsky market. The Spouse had taken me there a year ago when we were visiting Moscow just for fun (before we knew we might move here). It's always interesting and weird to repeat an experience like that, comparing BEFORE and NOW. Such different worlds.

Anyhow, I had some objectives in mind. I had seen some gorgeous ceramics (Uzbek, I thought) on the first visit, but I didn't buy any

1. Because I couldn't decide (I wanted all of them) and
2. I was afraid they would get broken in my luggage.

During the summer when the Spouse was in Moscow so often for work, he went to this market one day and bought me a couple of bowls, feeling that he wasn't sure what I liked (to paraphrase Jake Johanson, "There IS no wrong answer!"). Of course, the bowls were beautiful. And I promptly had them packed with the shipment of household items slated for the US. So I don't have them.

Today I bought two plates, two small bowls (the sort of thing you might use to serve nuts or olives), and two oblong dishes (sort of corn-on-the-cob shaped). Here are the pictures that looked good enough to post, so you have some idea what I am talking about:

Then, my darling husband bought me a hat. I am modeling it here with "flaps up."

And now with "flaps down."


Anonymous said...

Lovely hat!!!! Let's hope spring is NOT here yet.

Anonymous said...

Loving that hat - you look sensational! And the pottery is gorgeous - I've not seen any here. How exciting to have lots of goodies at home to go through!

Anonymous said...

Velmi pekne! Skoda that you will not be able to wear it in Bratislava..
We have 16 degreed and sunshine!


Tesim sa na tvoj visit


Anonymous said...

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